What Are the Biggest Benefits Of A Textured Render Finish?

Rendering plays a vital role to define the beauty of a house. Rendering is the procedure of making your walls more attractive and it is very similar to plastering. Nowadays you can see different types of rendering like concrete rendering, acrylic rendering, textured rendering and others. Textured render finish makes your house look presentable by beautifying it. It is the process of combining cement with water of lime and applying it on the walls to bring them back to life.

Textured render finish has gained enormous popularity nowadays because people are always looking to do something new to their homes. Textured render finish has the transformative power that renews the look of your house by adding more character. Further, it has myriad other benefits and if you are contemplating to drab this finish in your walls, this article might be helpful for you.


Rendering is important for your walls and textured render finish is touted as one of the most effective ways.  Nowadays, you can see other renderings like acrylic rendering, solid plaster rendering etc., however one needs to remember that there are also associated costs incorporated with them. If you are concerned about cost effectiveness, textured rendering is affordable while other types of renderings are expensive. In addition, textured rendering is very simple and has a lot more to offer that other types of renderings. No wonder, people are opting for this a lot nowadays.


Longevity is another important factor that must be considered by the house owners. If you are looking for the perfect rendering process that will protect your interior or exterior from various weather-related issues and others, textured render finish is your go-to. A good quality textured render finish can last up to a decade and if you go for it, you will be sorted for at least 5 years. There are many people who take their decision abruptly but we suggest the readers think about the durability whenever you make an investment.


Textured render finish can help you to enhance the visual appeal of your interiors and if you are searching for an effective alternative to suppress the wear and tear of the bricks besides preventing cracks, this is the best technique. Textured rendering can make your house look new again. A fresh coat of paint is recommended for achieving a brand-new look.  House renovation is expensive but the smart homeowner will always do his research to land the best deal.

Better Insulation:

Rendering is not about just aesthetics, it also helps in insulation and different type of rendering has different affectivity in insulation. A lot of people spend on exterior insulation but we must tell the readers that a textured render finish, which happens to be an inside cement rendering, can help you to get better insulation and save hundreds of dollars easily. Once you spend on textured rendering, you can see the drastic change in thermal performance and it will also help you reduce your energy bills as well.

Get Rid Of Damp:

Bricked houses are very popular till date and there are many people who opt for it. The condition of the exterior bricks can showcase various issues that need to be monitored. Rain is the biggest enemy of the bricks because it can dampen them. If you opt for a textured render finish, you can get rid of the issues related to damp easily while relieving your stress for about many years to come.

The whole process is very straightforward and you need to call an expert service to get the best quality work.

These are some of the biggest benefits of textured render finish. In the like manner as it is used for interior rendering, textured rendering is being used for exterior rendering too nowadays. Either way, textured render finish enhances the beauty of your house.