Innovative Ways Of Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens are the heart of a house. It is that place of our house where the family is brought together at the end of a busy day. Some houses have the dining room adjoining the kitchen, so it becomes the meeting point of family members. Since food is the essence of life and it is cooked in the kitchen, a kitchen should be comfortable, airy, spacious and most importantly well arranged.

In today’s fast life, people are always in a hurry. Therefore, a kitchen should be arranged in such a way that everything is handy and easily accessible. Modular kitchens are in high demand nowadays because they are well fitted with cabinets, chimneys and everything that makes the process of cooking not only easier but also comfortable. But all houses don’t come with modular kitchens, so kitchen renovations become essential.

Prerequisites of kitchen renovations: 

  • The first prerequisite for kitchen renovations are the actual size of the kitchen to be remodeled
  • Second, the budget would depend on the size of the kitchen and the design layout chosen.
  • Third is the financial condition of the person who is going to renovate the kitchen.

According to a survey conducted in 2016, the estimated cost for kitchen renovations is $20,411. Although the estimate may increase or decrease depending on the extent of remodeling and also the location in which the house is located.

Kitchen Renovations

  • The time is taken to renovate a kitchen also depends on the intricacy of design and amount of renovation needed. The expected time may be 10-12 weeks.
  • The kitchen renovations may be handed over to a professional or it may be planned by owners themselves. Professionals may turn out to be a bit expensive, but work will be more efficient and hassle free.

Types of kitchens available for remodeling:

  • Galley kitchen– Also called the parallel kitchen, this is the best available model for kitchen renovations. It is best suited for small spaces where the number of cooks is less. This type of kitchen is easier to design. Arrangement of cabinets is more precise.
  • U-shaped kitchen– Ideal for huge spaces. Also known as a horseshoe kitchen layout.
  • L- shaped kitchen– ideal for small families. The layout makes it easier to design cabinets.
  • Peninsula kitchen-Also is known as G- shaped kitchen.

Owners may choose a luxury budget renovation, a middle budget renovation or a low budget renovation depending on need and finances available. A luxury kitchen costs more than $29,000 and can extend to $45,000. A middle budget kitchen will cost $17,000 to $28,000 and a low budget kitchen would cost somewhere between $7000 and $15,000.

How beautiful or organized your kitchen will look not only depends on the designs and kitchen layout including the budget but also on proper execution, expertise, and precision. You may have a well-renovated kitchen in a low budget or a not so well-organized kitchen even after spending a luxurious sum. Great kitchen renovation ideas:

  • Be careful while choosing colors for kitchen renovations. You can choose bright pastel colors to make your kitchen look lively. Wooden colored cabinets look authentic but vibrant colorful cabinets are also in trend.
  • Proper utilization of floor and wall space makes the kitchen look spacious. The intelligent arrangement of the refrigerator and other appliances increases total space, making movement easier.
  • Some people prefer to have a bar in their kitchen.
  • You should be careful while choosing the items for renovation. Buy items that will wear and tearless
  • Kitchens should be well lit and ventilated to avoid any accidents.
  • You can use the trendy sink and taps for a perfect yet rich look.
  • Pipelines should be concealed as much as possible to enrich the look of the kitchen.

Kitchen renovations can change the outlook of your house, so you should be careful while planning one. A beautiful kitchen enhances our culinary skills because it soothes our mind while cooking.