How to Clean and Take Care of Your Bathroom Fixtures

Keeping your bathroom fixtures, including tapware, in pristine condition will make your bathroom gleam. You can’t put off cleaning your entire bathroom for too long. If you’re wondering how to keep your wash basin, taps, and showerhead spotless, here’s a quick guide to help you out. 

How to Keep Your Wash Basin Clean

The basin is the most prominent fixture in your bathroom, apart from your water closet. When you enter your bathroom, it’s probably the first thing you will see. That’s why it’s crucial always to keep the wash basin clean. 

Start cleansing your wash basin with a general multipurpose cleaner or a vinegar and water cleaning solution. For a deeper clean, you can create a baking soda and water cleaning solution and use the backing soda paste to scrub off the stubborn soap suds and grime. Once done, wipe dry the wash basin with a microfibre cleaning towel to let it shine. 

To keep your wash basin gleaming, make daily cleaning a habit. You can begin cleaning your wash basin right after brushing your teeth or doing your morning skincare routine. A quick daily clean lessens the instances you’ll have to give it a deep clean. 

How to Keep Your Tapware Clean 

Clean your tapware using three simple household items: dishwashing soap, warm water, and a soft microfibre cleaning towel. 

Mix the soap and water for a mild cleaning solution and use the towel to wipe the taps. Although, it’s best to double-check your tap’s manufacturer for cleaning and care tips. Check this to ensure that your cleaning materials don’t harm your tapware. 

Some tap finishes like brass are delicate and require the proper cleaning essentials. Avoid using brushes with stiff bristles to protect your tapware from scratches and damage. Aggressively scrubbing your taps will do more harm than good. If you don’t have a soft microfibre towel at home, you can use a non-abrasive sponge to clean your tapware gently. 

How to Keep Your Showerhead Clean

Since you use your showerhead daily, it’s prone to limescale build-up. The best way to keep your showerhead clean is highly dependent on the material of your showerhead. Like your tapware, check the manufacturer’s aftercare and cleaning instructions before trying home cleaning methods. 

When cleaning your showerhead, it’s crucial to descale it to remove the lime and residue. The most effective way to descaling a showerhead is by using white vinegar. Start with removing the showerhead from the hose. Ensure that the parts remain intact during removal. 

Next, dip the showerhead handset in a bucket or bowl of vinegar and let it soak. For brass showerheads, you shouldn’t leave them in the bowl of vinegar for longer than 30 minutes. For standard plastic showerheads, you can leave them soaking in vinegar for an hour.  

For fixed showerheads, put vinegar on a plastic bag and tie it on the showerhead until it’s submerged in the vinegar solution. Let it soak for 30 minutes, then remove the plastic bag. Gently scrub the showerhead with a cleaning towel and turn on your shower to remove the remaining vinegar and limescale. 

Make it a Habit!

It’s a challenge to ensure your bathroom fixtures are clean since you use them daily. Make it a habit to wipe your tapware and wash basins often to keep them spotless and hygienic. After a shower, sprinkle the taps with water for a quick rinse. The key is to clean your bathroom fixtures often to avoid bacteria build-up and damage.