Advantages of a Synthetic Turf Over Natural Grass

Are you finally planning to switch from natural grass to a much smoother, synthetic sports turf? Artificial turfs are taking over homes, sports fields, and leisure spots. Why? Because they’re a cost-effective and low-maintenance choice. 

If you need more convincing, here are the benefits of having artificial turf over natural grass. 

Perfect for All Seasons

One of the best qualities of synthetic turf is that it remains in optimal condition all year round, unlike natural grass that wilts in the summer and withers during winter. Perfect grass all year round makes it suitable for outdoor sports without waiting for the grass to be green again. 

Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance 

When it comes to synthetic turf care, it’s a pretty straightforward process compared to tending to natural grass. Natural grass requires spending time and money on fertiliser, landscaping, and mowing. In short, it’s high maintenance. With synthetic turf, you’ll only have to worry about removing a bit of dirt now and then. It’s easier to clean and ready to use once it’s spick and span. 

Saves Money in The Long Run

Since synthetic turfs are more low maintenance than natural grass, you get more bang for your buck! At first, artificial turf might be expensive, but they last a long time. Eventually, the turf will pay itself off completely, and you’ll get your money’s worth. If you work out the long-term expenses, installing and taking care of a synthetic turf costs less than maintaining natural grass. 

Good for the Environment

A synthetic sports turf requires no watering to stay in perfect shape. Natural grass needs constant watering, which contributes to water wastage. You can save gallons of water in a year with artificial turf. 

Synthetic turf also has toxic-free materials, meaning you don’t have to worry about possible harmful effects on the environment. Aside from that, having artificial turf lessens pesticide use associated with fertilisers needed on natural grass. 

Built to Last

One of the most redeeming features of artificial turf is its durability. That’s why professional sports like hockey and golf utilise synthetic sports turf. It’s an ideal multisport turf for professional and casual games. 

It can also survive the wear and tear of extreme weather and daily use. Whether you plan to use the turf to make your garden easier to maintain or in a professional sports setting, synthetic turf can survive for decades. Not to say that artificial turf is immune to ripping, but it can handle rough situations. 

Easy to Install 

Synthetic turf is easy to set up on different types of surfaces. Whether you want it on concrete, cement, or soil, it’s flexible enough. You can even install the turf yourself. It’s still preferred to get help on installation to ensure the best results. Although artificial turf is versatile, it still has a few limitations. 

When looking at synthetic turf closely, there are more pros than cons. Once you’re ready to install a synthetic sports turf, ensure that the ground area is suitable for turf installation. Let a specialist inspect your area before buying an artificial turf to replace your natural grass.