Wireless Gate Intercom – Why it is Best For Your Home and Business

Installing a wireless gate intercom will be one of the best security solutions you will ever invest in your home. With this device, you will be able to open and close your motorized gate wirelessly from a remote location. You will also be able to monitor the surrounding areas so that you can control the people who are allowed access inside your premises. This added security feature plus many more can be yours if you decide to install a wireless gate intercom in your property.

Making this your home security device

This item comes equipped with a heavy duty intercom aptly called a goliath ip Callbox which is installed just right outside your gate. This is the heart of the system which is made with a durable fiberglass or stainless steel casing. With just a press of a button, you will be able to screen your visitors and allow or deny them entry. Aside from remotely controlling the locks on your gates or doors, the Callbox of your wireless gate intercom is also capable of sounding an alarm, turning the lights on or off, and even acting as a motion sensitive device. And the best part is that there is no need for trenching and wiring. This is a wireless device capable of increasing your security without damaging your property. Other benefits are:

Compatible With Two-Way Radios

People with handheld radios or two-way radios can also communicate with the Callbox so they don’t have to be in just one location to monitor whatever is happening in your property. Because the Callbox can be integrated with your existing radio communications, mobile security has become more advanced without having to hire additional security personnel.

2. Multiple Power Options

The unit can be powered directly using AC power if power outlets are readily available. But what if there is no power outlet? True to its promise, this security device can be powered by rechargeable Ni-CD batteries. Or if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, then use solar panels and it will run for several days with just a single charge from the sun.

3. Coverage Is In Miles

You can cover a very large area with your Callbox. If you want to really increase the area coverage, or if you live in an area with many large structures and obstructions, then you can instantly increase the range of your Callbox by simply adding an optional external antenna.

4. Monitoring Several Callboxes Is So Easy!

If you have a big business with multiple gate entries and would like to install a wireless gate intercom in each one of them, you don’t have to worry about how to monitor each gate. The Callbox can be configured to store voice messages to alert the central monitoring station on what Callbox was accessed. Also, when a person presses the button of the Callbox, each can have its own specific voice playback.

And since this system is compatible with any two-way radio, once a button is pressed, the Callbox can transmit a unique numeric identifier to a radio with a decoder. This will enable you to accurately identify which Callbox was accessed.

A wired controller can cost several thousand goliath ip dollars and will take longer to install because you will also have to contact a landscaper or a carpenter to repair the damages done by trenching the wires. But with a wireless gate intercom, you can immediately increase the security and improve your communication without having to spend a lot of money.