What is QuickBooks error PS107? Solutions Simply Answered

QuickBooks error PS107 usually encounters while downloading payroll updates. The error is associated with the damaged file and comes up on the screen with a message, “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable [PS107].” There are numerous errors that trigger this payroll update error, such as expired payroll subscription and outdated tax table. To get rid of it, update QuickBooks and download the latest tax table. Read the blog until the end to know the causes and step-by-step procedure to fix the PS107 error in QuickBooks.

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Reasons that trigger QuickBooks Desktop error PS107

Following are some prominent reasons that lead to this payroll error:

1. The version of the QuickBooks Desktop you are using is not updated to the latest release.

2. Your payroll tax table is outdated and creating issues.

3. You do not have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.

4. QuickBooks Desktop installation is damaged or not completed.

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Top 3 Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Payroll error PS107

Solution 1. Get the latest QuickBooks update from Intuit and install it

1. If not closed already, close company files and then exit QuickBooks Desktop.

2. From your Windows desktop, click the Windows icon and right-click the Run as administrator option. It will open the No Company Open screen.

3. From there, select the Help menu and click Update QuickBooks Desktop.

4. Move to the Options menu. From there, click Mark All and then the Save button.

5. Click the Update Now button and make sure you select the Reset update checkbox before proceeding.

6. Now, click the Get Updates button to start the download process.

7. After completing the update, open QuickBooks again and install the update.

8. Restart your device and try downloading the payroll update again.

Solution 2. Use the latest tax table in QuickBooks Desktop

1. From the QuickBooks Employees menu, click Get Payroll Updates and mark the Download Entire update checkbox.

2. Next, click Download Latest Update, and an informational window will pop up when the download completes.

Solution 3. Remove QuickBooks to do a clean install in Selective Startup

1. Make sure you have a backup company file before starting the clean installation process.

2. After creating a backup, start your system in Selective Startup mode:

  • Open the Run window, type MSConfig and select OK.
  • Go to the General tab, select Selective startup and then Load system services.
  • From the Services menu, checkmark the Hide all Microsoft Services and click Disable All.
  • Clear the Hide all Microsoft Services box and select Windows Installer from the list.
  • Select OK, go to the System Configuration window and click Restart.
  • Now, clean install the QB Desktop application and start your device back in normal mode:
  • Reopen the Run window, write MSConfig and select OK.
  • Choose Normal Startup from the General tab and click OK.
  • Next, choose Restart from the System Configuration window.

This blog has covered the most reliable troubleshooting solutions to resolve QuickBooks error PS107. They will surely help you eliminate the problem. If the error persists, get in touch with the QuickBooks technical support team by calling us on our helpline number +1 800-579-9430. 

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