What is Hair Transplantation? What are the Responsibilities of a Surgeon?

If it is the matter of hair, boys and girls are very conscious. They do not even want their parents to give them blessings by keeping their hands on their heads as it will spoil their hairstyle. So from this, you can imagine how difficult it becomes for those who are very conscious about their looks. This is why a hair transplant in Ludhiana is very likely to be taken up as a solution for extreme hair loss. If you are the one, who is checking variegate websites to find out the clinic and the process of the hair restoration, then ensuing information will definitely help you:

  • Is Hair-transplantation an invasive procedure?

Yes, surely it is Hair transplant is often defined as the surgical stratagem for carrying out the natural growth in the hair. 

  • How many techniques and stratagems are used to carry out the effectiveness in the hair restoration process?

Subsequent are the stratagems that have been observed to carry out the procedure of hair restoration with full effectiveness:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation:

Follicular unit transplantation is also referred to with an acronym is FUT. This procedure involves the dissection of variegated strips of scalps into independent grafts. This stratagem has been used since the advent of the hair transplantation procedure. That is why it is regarded as the conventional method of treatment. The modified version of this technique is available which is known by the name of Follicular unit extraction.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction:

Follicular Unit extraction is the stratagem that is alike FUT but the difference is only in the extraction process. There is nothing complicated in the extraction process of both the stratagems. Both have been experienced for bringing about the best results that one can deem as everlasting. 

  • Combined FUE and FUT

It also depends on the individual whether he wants to take only FUE and FUT or he is interested in experiencing the results of combined FUT and FUE treatment. This process involves the mechanism of extracting the hair follicles by the process of the FUT and wrapping up the procedure through FUE. 

  • What are the responsibilities of a surgeon before, during, and after the surgery?

Following are the responsibilities of the surgeon:

  • Before commencing the procedure, the surgeon ensures whether the hair follicles will be able to flourish in the recipient zone by making the patient undergo several tests.
  • During the surgery, the surgeon treats the patients under the effect of anesthesia. The mechanism involves cleansing the scalp, dissection of the scalp, implantation of follicles, and concluding by making stitches on the scalp. 
  • After the surgery, the surgeon asks the patient not to miss any of the decided consultation sessions. It is done to check whether the hair follicles are surviving or another session of surgery is required.

Final Thoughts
Researching for a reputed and qualified surgeon and an ideal clinic is not a cup of tea. One has to search a lot of articles and navigate through variegated social media pages and posts. After having done all that, one ensures that he is right in getting treatment from a particular cosmetic surgeon.