What does support code B200 mean on a Canon printer?

Although the cause of the Canon Inkjet printer malfunction is many, the main reason is its Error Code B200. Although the B200 error could be caused by a variety of things, it generally refers to an issue with the printer’s print head overheating. Other than that, there are other issues. Canon technicians recommend that customers follow a few simple steps to fix your canon mx922 support code b200 issue. Turn the printer off and then turn it ON. We also found some other robust solutions that involve working with the printer heads.

Infection B200 Causes:

What happens if the printer makes a mistake?

One reason:
A printer error occurred when a newspaper was printed with the ink completely empty. This is a situation where a cartridge can be totally empty.Canon claims that it is also due to overseas cartridges which the printer cannot handle. This error can be avoided by cleaning and inspecting the printheads. You should only use the alternative if your printer is not guaranteed. Otherwise, the guarantee could be null as you may have damaged the printhead.

Option 1

Turn off the printer
The ink cartridges can be seen by removing the cover from the printer.
Be careful when removing the printhead from the printer
Clean the Printhead and all Ink Cartridges.
Use a pen eraser or touch cleaner to clean the touchpads of the printer.

Option 2

Turn off the power of the printer
Wait for the print bin to start moving to the left, then let it move beyond halfway.
The print carriage is in front of you. Close the cover halfway.
Returned to the Printer.

Eliminate ink cartridges

If possible, clean the back of the printhead (digital Pins) with alcohol (isopropyl cleansing alcohol).
Make sure the pins are clean.
Turn off your printer but don’t close it! Plugging-off the electricity cable (do not use power button).
Clean electronic pins in your printer (wherever you place printhead).
Make sure it is 100% washed.
Turn the printer ON.
Verify that the printer is operating normally.

Option 3 :

Turn off the printer
Remove the printer’s power supply.
Remove the color cartridges by removing the cap from the printer.
Eliminate the sled from the capsules that were previously put.

Be careful when washing the capsules with water. Wash the capsules with water, but be careful.
Make sure the contacts are dry. Otherwise, you could damage the print head.
Be sure to dry everything.
Place capsules and carriages back in their original locations.
Turn ON the printer once more.

If the error message “Error B200”, appears again, it is necessary to turn off the printer again. Before turning on, the flap must be opened. After switching ON with one side open, the printer performs a self test: If the error doesn’t occur again, it will be fixed.

Option 4 :

Move the entire print head mechanism into the center.
Turn the printer ON while it is opening.
Cover the printer once the printhead is still moving in the exact LEFT direction.
Wait until it boots up.
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