What are ServiceNow Admins Roles and Responsibilities?


At present we are living in the era of cloud computing and which offers a vast space in the cloud to store anything. There are different techs and tools available within the cloud platforms and the majority of them play a significant role in the IT industry. ServiceNow is a famous cloud computing software system that hosts apps for customers. The role of a ServiceNow admin is to develop, design, configure, and also enhance custom apps or give support to the end-users of the software. ServiceNow admin is a great service within the cloud computing platforms and has a significant position in the industry. To enter the world of ServiceNow, ServiceNow Admin Training in Delhi can be really helpful to acquire its learning and workflow. However, looking at the vast advantage of ServiceNow, the majority of companies are switching to this platform. Thus, increasing the growing demand for these professionals.

What is actually ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based firm that provides specialized management software (SaaS). The company specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT business management (ITBM), and IT operations management (ITOM). And also provides different apps and plugins to assist customers in managing projects, teams, and even client interactions. Integration with other technologies is however simple and clear with ServiceNow. ServiceNow platform is developing faster across various industries due to cloud storage and the growth of different apps. 

The necessary roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow Admin

A ServiceNow Administrator is responsible for addressing a wide range of service demands that customers submit to their respective businesses. ServiceNow Admins administer customers’ requests and easily resolve them.  

ServiceNow administrators can set up the system in a business unit in multiple ways to meet the company’s demands. Admins can install and maintain any of the process applications with ServiceNow and create custom apps. These apps can further limit selected users via roles and different network access.

A ServiceNow Admin’s role is however critical for any firm because they are responsible for different operations. Within any business, the roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow Admins are as follows; 

# An ideal administrator would be in charge of the day-to-day operations of support and also maintenance. They also work with the platform’s functioning team to further develop new ways to overcome challenges.

# They should collaborate with the ServiceNow team to develop resources for requests and tasks. Workflows are useful in handling a variety of operations from different customers.

# They will be able to develop and create a variety of training plans for end-users and modify the platform. Further, this will help in meeting the organization’s multiple needs.

# The platform’s administrator must keep a close eye on ServiceNow’s difficulties, maintenance, and also its usage, among other things. They should even create a system of integration and further automation processes.

# They’re also in charge of creating and customizing UI policies, scripts, actions, pages, and business rules, among other things.

# They assist and manage application upgrades, loading, and also data maintenance. 

Service Now admin future

Service Now platform is growing significantly across different industries due to the cloud storage and development of several apps. Many giant partners like Cognizant, Accenture, etc. within the IT space are offering different positions on this platform. These admins are quite essential to build effective systems to automate processes and follow service requests.

Hence, there is a great demand for these professionals and enthusiasts within the Service Now platform. Many IT talent management sources also look toward the market trends and hire Certified ServiceNow Admin professionals. Moreover, some large enterprises are even hiring experienced admins for big positions. They also offer high pay packages for these positions as they are important in nature.


The admin is a person who has skills in different aspects to resolve issues within the enterprise. ServiceNow admin usually has to develop and configure custom software apps for the respective end-users. Moreover, he also has to handle different service requests from customers and clients to serve them better. However, most companies look for certified professionals. To suit the curve of demand, you can take, ServiceNow Admin Training in Noida for better preparation for this role. A ServiceNow admin plays a crucial role in the handling of different service requests that customers send to companies.