Unpacking South Africa’s Logistics Market: How National Infrastructure Plan 2050, Digital Platforms, Cold Chain, And Retail Industry Will Drive Growth To Over USD 40 Bn By 2026? – And What Lies Beyond? – Ken Research

1. The 4 Key Components of Logistics System Integration: Building Effective Supply Chain Networks.

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2. The Role of Infrastructure Development in Driving Logistics Sector Growth: Meeting the USD 340 Bn Funding Need from 2016-2050.

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3. Revolutionizing the Logistics Sector: How Digital Platforms, Sea Transport, Retail, and Cold Chain Industries are transforming the Landscape.

South Africa Shipping MarketSouth Africa’s internet connectivity is facilitating the digitization of logistics management, enabling real-time tracking, route optimization, and AI integration to overcome skill shortages and urban-rural divides. The country has a high demand for cold storage facilities due to lifestyle changes, urbanization, and growing demand for perishable goods and pharmaceuticals. Imperial Cold Logistics recently built a new warehouse in Johannesburg at a cost of USD 8.83 Mn. Sea transport dominates the freight market, with 96% of exports conveyed by sea, and retail sales generate the highest revenue at USD 11.55 Bn in 2021, driven by events like Black Friday.

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South Africa Supply Chain Industry

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