Understanding Reiki – A Spiritual Healing Technique

Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and for Ausbildung Geistiges Heilen purposes introduced in Canada and US in 1970s by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Reiki is made up of two Japanese words “Rei” means God’s wisdom “ki” means “life force energy. So Reiki means “Spiritually guided life force energy” a technique based upon the idea of unseen life force energy flows through us. Reiki was founded in 1870s by Dr Mikao Unsi, a Japanese Buddhist. He experienced a profound spiritual enlightenment after 21 days period of fasting and meditation. He began to deliver this technique to other people as well and opened his teaching clinic in Japan.

Reiki a Lying on Hands Healing Technique

Reiki treats the whole person with his physical and spiritual problems. It is a ‘lying on hands healing technique’ to balance subtle energies within the body. During the treatment patient is laid down on a massage table dressed in loose garments. Atmosphere during session is kept relaxing using dimmed lights with complete silence or with light music. Reiki master places his hands on different parts of body for 2-5 minutes. Energy flows through the palms of his hands to the recipient’s body. During session it is not necessary to touch the patient body. Reiki master hover his palms few inches above the body. Energy flow to the effected part is automatic regardless of hands position and sequence of hands placements.

Unique Learning Process of Reiki

Unlike other techniques it is not learned but is transferred from a Reiki master to his students during class. It is taught in three levels, level 1 & 2 are completed in one day class. Level 3 which is more intensive and longer involves a ritual (Attunement) and learning of placing hands for treatment. Attunement is the initiation to open up crown, heart and palm ‘Chakras’ to allow “Rei” energies to flow through. The time period for its training can be varied. This technique is not difficult to learn as it does not depend upon intellectual capacity of a person. No specific belief or intellectual capacity is required to learn it. An important reason for its unique way of learning is to avoid its misuse by people for illicit purposes so it is transferred to student not learned through written material to keep its spiritual nature sacred.

Myths and Misconceptions about Reiki

There are also some myths and misconceptions about this technique. First one is that it is a related to religion or any dogma or belief. No it is not true. Reiki is purely spiritual in nature and promotes spiritual growth of person. Second misconception is that after treating a patient the energy level of Reiki master get lowered. It is again wrong as “rei” energies are infinite and can not run out. If somebody feels tired after treating a patient it is because of his or her own internal weakness not because of Reiki treatment. Thirdly it is considered a massage therapy as it is also used in massage therapies but it is not true as well. As discussed earlier it is energy based technique not involving bones and tissues. Another misunderstanding is about the process of attunement that it will open the doors of spiritual world and a person will be able to find solution about all spiritual problems. Remember Reiki only promotes spiritual growth but assuming it the way to spiritual world might be an exaggeration.