Tree-saving Measures by Non Profit Organizations in Canada


Trees have always been an integral part of the lives of every living individual. Since the latest that I can recall, our elders have always taught us how important trees are in one’s life since the beginning of our life. We learned about the things we get out of a tree, their importance, and how we should not promote deforestation. Moreover, how we should spread awareness about afforestation through non profit organizations in Canada, etc.

With tall and sky-touching buildings, new industries, and new highways, the country is slowly falling into the pit of deforestation. Soon, we might witness a time when we may not find shade in days of harsh heat, or even the beauty of our country might reduce. Several parts of Canada, including Manitoba, have seen trees falling, resulting in fewer trees in the region.

What Developments are Taking Place?

The Canadians have initiated a program of tree plantation in the less or most minor densely populated areas of Canada, which includes regions like the Canada Prairies, Ontario, and British Columbia. Every Canadian living within the boundaries of Canada is aware that they need to plant at least three plants in their surroundings to protect the country’s diversity. An initiative is currently running regarding the same. We expect a minimum donation of $5 from every household. This donation will help us plant trees in areas that are sparsely populated. Your donation will help plant trees and contribute majorly towards cleaner air, soil, and water.

We expect Canadians to actively participate in the plantation drive and contribute as much as possible to restore Canada’s beauty! The campaign also invites donations from non profit organizations in Canada. With every gift made, the Canadian Government shall issue a certificate in the donor’s name.

As a team, we expect the citizens to create a legacy and leave behind a track for our future generations to follow. The drive also welcomes initiatives where one can honor the loss of their loved ones by planting saplings near your area. The team wishes to develop a sense of responsibility towards planting trees and making them understand that forests are vital to every individual.

The Significance of Saving the Earth’s Green Cover

To highlight the importance of protecting trees, let’s look at the factors that make them necessary:

  • Trees contribute directly to the environment by providing cleaner air to breathe, providing protection to the shelters of animals, preserving soil, and assisting in conserving water.
  • Trees are considered high-value assets. During the evolution of society, trees have helped humans by providing them with food, shelter, fuel, and vehicles in the form of ships and wheels.
  • Trees give out fresh fruits and flowers sold in the international markets, hence, improving the country’s economic growth.
  • They tend to serve as the sole source of income for those living in forests or nearby localities.

The real estate industry cuts down several trees to construct tall buildings. Will it be wrong to say that humans have grown selfish and are thinking only about themselves and not about protecting the environment? Why don’t people put forth their efforts toward the significant concern affecting the planet? Even for construction, trees provide timber for building construction, for making furniture, tools, sports equipment, etc.

Since ancient times, non profit organizations in Canada have played an integral role in the lives of every individual. The increasing rate of commercialization in the construction industry is heartbreaking. It pains me to say that the time is not far when we might not get what we’ve been showered with by the trees. 

Several protests have been led in many different parts of the world concerning deforestation. These include the Chipko Movement (1973), the Bishnoi Movement (1700), Narmada Bachao Andolan (1985), and many more. Their activists supported the cause of afforestation and prevented the promotion of deforestation. 

Some Key Statistics

To state very crucial facts about trees, the data gathered states that:

  • A grown-up tree produces an average of 120 kg of oxygen annually. This is nearly half what adults usually consume in a year. 
  • More than 60% of the anti-cancer drugs originate from forests, especially rainforest plants. 
  • The Amazon rainforest is home to more than two and a half million different species of insects. 
  • Statistics show that 1 out of every five people relies entirely on the forests for survival. 
  • One large tree can filter and hold up to 36,700 gallons of water a year.
  • Several studies have proved that spending time in forests and amongst trees helps boost an individual’s immune system.
  • Trees are the most critical natural resource, and their absence of the same can make the survival of humans difficult. 
  • There is scientific proof that trees can talk to other trees in a forest and can share nutrients with the help of an underground network built by the soil fungi.

It is essential to protect forests not only today but also tomorrow and forever.

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