Traditional Wines & Exotic Rice Sake of Japan

Japan is a wondrous country famous for its traditional food varieties and beverages. Commonly known as sake, Japanese alcoholic drinks and wine are very popular for their fruity and refreshing taste. Wine in Japan is usually made with grapes. But, high-grade sake or wine made from traditional rice has become a cultural symbol of Japan’s wine culture. The highest grade sake is referred to as Junmai Daiginjo. It offers a lavish taste and subtle aromas. Most people save this pricey and high-quality sake for special occasions.

The History of Wine-Making in Japan

Wine-making was never an easy task in Japan due to unfavorable climatic conditions. The Muscat Berry A grapes were introduced in the country specifically for wine-making purposes. Later, in 1970, during the World Exhibition held in Osaka, Japanese wine culture was introduced to western countries.

Japanese wine began gaining international status in the last few decades. After years of scientific research, brewers started using improved quality grapes and high-grade rice. Slowly, Japanese wines got due recognition for their top-quality flavors and taste.

The Speciality of Japanese Wines

Not all types of wines made in the country must be named Japanese. To be called thus, the wine manufacturer should use grapes and other materials grown and cultivated only in Japan. The grape extracts from other countries cannot be used. If a large number of grapes (more than 85%) have been cultivated in a specific region, the winemakers were allowed to use the region’s name for the wine.

More About Extraordinary Junmai Daiginjo

Junmai Diaginjo is made following a complex process. It is primarily produced using the purest and highest variety of rice. The sake can be prepared properly only by a very skilled brewer. To qualify the rice grains for Junmai Daiginjo sake, the brewer must polish the rice to half its actual weight and mix it with a special Japanese fungus called Aspergillus Oryzae. It is then fermented and fortified using a unique procedure reserved just for such high-grade sake.

Special Features of Junmai Diaginjo

  • The sake is very difficult to brew, and it involves hard work and skill
  • The sake can get certified only after stringent quality inspection and control
  • The cost of the whole production process is quite high
  • It is produced in extremely small quantities
  • It provides rich fragrance and complex flavors
  • Its delicate texture can be complemented along with a rich and delicate cuisine

Order the Traditional Beverages of Japan

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