Adequate ways to deal with QuickBooks error PS101

Payroll is a subscription-based service in QuickBooks that is used to handle employee data and the timely release of wages. The software can also be used to create tax forms and other official documents required at the end of the fiscal year. QuickBooks also gives the option to create paychecks or direct submission of the amount into employee bank accounts. QuickBooks error ps101 can occur while downloading the payroll updates or installing them. On the off chance you also came across this error in your QuickBooks, this blog will help you discover the causes of this error and some simple methods to eliminate it.

You can take assistance from a QB support team available at +1-855-948-3646 to resolve this error quickly.

About the issue

This payroll update error emerges when QuickBooks gets blocked for another program on your computer and fails to connect to the internet while downloading the updates. It is also possible that you are now aware of the expired payroll subscription on your PC, which won’t allow you to work on your payroll data or update the service. You must fix this error before attempting the payroll update again.


The primary causes of this error in QuickBooks are listed below-

  1. Windows Firewall or any other antivirus installed on your PC is blocking the payroll update download.
  2. Your payroll subscription might have ended, or QuickBooks is not registered.
  3. The CPS folder contains a damaged or unsupported file.

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We have compiled some effective methods to deal with this payroll error in QuickBooks-

Solution 1- Verify that the Payroll Subscription is active on your PC

QuickBooks can only download the payroll updates if your subscription to the service is valid or it is authorized by Intuit servers if it was renewed recently. Verify that the error hasn’t occurred due to this by following the steps below to check your payroll service subscription-

  1. Close all the company files on your QuickBooks.
  2. Open QuickBooks on your PC and go to the Employees menu.
  3. Select My Payroll Service and tap Manage Service Key.
  4. Make sure the Service key is correct and the Status is highlighted as Active.
  5. Click on Edit and make changes to the service key if it’s incorrect.
  6. Hit Next and click on the checkbox beside the Open Payroll setup box to unmark it.
  7. Click on Finish to begin the payroll update again.

If the payroll updates fail again due to the error, apply the next method below.

Solution 2- Register your QuickBooks Desktop

This error can occur if your QuickBooks isn’t registered after a recent subscription renewal of the payroll service. You can check this by using the steps given below-

  1. Open QuickBooks and press F2 to open the product information Window.
  2. Make sure you see Activated beside your License number.
  3. If it isn’t activated, click on Help and select Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. Follow all the on-screen instructions to verify your credentials.
  5. Download the payroll updates again after QuickBooks is activated.

The payroll update won’t face any issues now.


This blog explains the circumstances that lead to the occurrence of QuickBooks error ps101. You also went through the methods that can be used to fix this error, and we hope your QuickBooks is running error free after using the solutions. If you face any issues while applying the troubleshooting procedure, ring +1-855-948-3646 to let our QB support lend a helping hand.

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