Cybersecurity offers a variety of training courses; which may be free or come at a cost; that can come in handy to elevate your cyber resilience as an industry professional. Enrolling in any other options completely depends on the reasons you wish to get into cybersecurity, your career goals, and your core skillsets and interest levels. The best cybersecurity certificates might come at a cost; that is fair enough as they offer an elevated pedestal of competence and a plethora of futuristic cybersecurity skills that could place you right in the front row in your next interview.

As the MarketsandMarkets research unravels; the global cybersecurity industry size shall reach USD 208.8 billion by this year. This is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your digital defenses with quality cyber guards. Also, adding to the above, the Cybersecurity talent gap is widening at a faster rate and demands quick appointments of credibly certified cybersecurity experts who can leverage the highest levels of security for worldwide businesses. There is an urgent demand to fill the gap at the earliest; without any delay; as this void means a huge loss incurred by businesses. Let us understand how cybersecurity can be your next big career move without getting heavy on your wallet.

3 Globally Most-Trusted and Best Cybersecurity Certificate Programs:

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

It is a highly-ranked credential for cybersecurity personnel as it is globally recognized by industry employers. CISSP-certified professionals have years of experience with strong education, ethics, and expertise in 8 diverse information security domains.

Cost: USD 749 (exam registration fee)

  • CompTIA Security+

It is for individuals who are beginning their cybersecurity careers. It verifies a security professional’s capabilities through practical security problem-solving, including assessing and monitoring the enterprise environment, following the principles of governance, risk and compliance, and responding to security incidents.

Cost: USD 392

  • Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (CCC™)

USCSI®, one of the most coveted and trusted cybersecurity consultant certifications providers worldwide brings to you the most comprehensive curriculum for becoming a seasoned cybersecurity consultant. They are duly accredited by internationally recognized credentialing bodies. While being packed with top-rated market-specific cybersecurity skills, you are led toward a high-rising career and handsome salary structure. It is highly regarded as among the best cybersecurity certificates in the world to yield a massive push to the cyber community and close the talent gap while churning the best cybersecurity talent on the go.

Cost: USD 699 (All inclusive) (Avail Turbo-Cert Concessions with Easy Flexi-Payments)

3 Free Cybersecurity Certification Prep Courses:

  1. CISM Course

This 4-module information security manager course includes per-recorded webinars on information security governance, risk management and compliance, program development, and management. This is a free sample of IT Master’s larger cybersecurity qualification course.

2. Cybrary Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Aspiring penetration testers receive video instruction on ethical hacking. Students must be able to comprehend the phases of hacking, types of security control, and applicable laws and regulations. You will be introduced to web attacks, IoT, and operational technology hacking.

3. University of Washington via edX

This program reviews the cybersecurity landscape from international and national perspectives; with legal consequences of cyberattacks and threat actors. However, only for a shorter time; students may access course materials for free.

Why go for the paid cybersecurity certifications?

For the simple reasons that look like;

  • Highly beneficial for career advancement
  • Increases marketability
  • Enhanced job opportunities
  • Greater employability
  • Higher earning potential
  • Demonstrates commitment
  • Validation of the futuristic skillset competence


Is Free cybersecurity training worth it?

These free courseware and training programs come across as an orientation source ware when you just begin to enhance and enter the cybersecurity industry. However, some of them may touch upon the areas of cybersecurity; this is not a credible way to get yourself ready for the industry competition ahead. You must level up with proper and widely trusted cybersecurity certification training programs that come with a lifetime shareable digital badge on completion and lend a deep understanding of the nitty-gritty of the cyber world.

Can I learn cybersecurity on my own?

Yes, you can! Free online resources, short-term courses, and boot camps online can help you with this. But if you wish to gain momentum in your cyber career with the best cybersecurity skills on display; you must invest your time and resources in a recruiter’s favorite pick from the global options available.

Is cybersecurity easy to learn?

Self-paced online cybersecurity certifications offer you enough opportunity to earn core competence in the industry from the comfort of your home or workspace. With an online presence of these ready-to-access credentials, these are becoming the first choice for every cybersecurity aspirant keen on building a career with the best certifications badges on point. Even a non-tech background aspirant can make it a thriving career, it is that easy to get through!