Obtain a white-label Grab clone and make your entry into the gig economy

Technology and the on-demand economy are getting integrated now. Customers can book different services using their smartphones. Which is that platform that is the leader in South East Asia? It is Grab. Ever since its launch in 2012, users can book cabs, transfer funds online, avail insurance, purchase groceries, and also send and receive packages. Are you that entrepreneur looking to take advantage of the digital times? Get hold of an on-demand Grab clone script. 

Why a white-label Grab clone ideal for your multi-services business? 

  • Readily launchable – The Grab clone is an on-demand services solution consisting of features similar to Grab. Moreover, techpreneurs like you get ample flexibility. This is because you can modify features, add logos, graphics, and themes as per the business needs and market conditions. 
  • Highly scalable – Who are the 4 biggest stakeholders of a Grab like on-demand services app? Customers, Drivers, Merchants, and Enterprises. Likewise, you can use the white-label Grab clone and offer services like food delivery, grocery delivery, courier, ride sharing, hotel booking etc. 

Is that all? You can also use the power of fintech. Accordingly, customers can process transactions for paying their bills, protect themselves against risks using insurance, and invest in financial instruments to grow their wealth. 

  • Cross-platform compatible – An on-demand services platform like Grab is accessible across multiple operating systems and numerous devices. Importantly, an app development company will create Grab clone Android and Grab clone iOS. This ensures a hassle-free booking experience for users across all age groups and sections of society. 
  • Very secure – Safety is the numero uno priority for customers when they use an on-demand services app. Further, a Grab clone is embedded with multi-layer security measures. 

Thus, both funds and data of users are protected via auto-verification for drivers, end-to-end encryption, firewalls, live tracking of rides, an SOS button, and two-factor authentication (2FA). 

What is the most special aspect? It is Telematics. Comprehensive information is collected when drivers move from one location to another. Besides that, alerts are issued when cabbies cross the speed limit, travel to the wrong destination, and they take the incorrect route. This ensures the utmost safety for passengers who hail a vehicle. 

What are the different on-demand services that you can offer? 

  • Logistics – You can partner with package delivery companies and attract customers and business enterprises. Offering express delivery services will help in the quick dispatch of products across locations. For instance, Grab offers deliveries via both bike and car. 

Eventually, customers get advantages like convenience, round-the-clock deliveries, insurance against damage, and abundant discounts and offers. 

  • Food and Grocery Delivery – You can also satisfy the taste buds of customers. Wonder how? Offering food and grocery delivery services will help in satisfying the hunger pangs of users. Likewise, entrepreneurs like you must partner with restaurants and supermarkets for dispatching products in a flash. 

Moreover, you can pocket commission per order, order cancellation charges, delivery fees, packing charges, Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), and transaction processing charges. 

  • Hospitality – Users can book hotels with just a few taps on their smartphones. They can choose either domestic or international hotels and get an abundant number of discounts and rebates. Moreover, travellers receive reward points. 

Further, real-time stats are available about available rooms, check-in and check-out prices, and other offers, discounts, and promo codes.

  • Financial Services – Fintech is the buzzword in the digital economy. People can use their smartphones and manage their funds effectively. Likewise, you can provide different services for your target audience. It includes accepting cashless payments (online and retail), insurance against travel and rides, and investment. 

Customers get benefits like real-time portfolio management, cashback, instant filing of claims, security measures like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, and access to transaction history. 

The chief features of the Grab Clone are

  • Partner registration panel – Unquestionably, a multi-services app like Grab gives gig workers and retailers more opportunities to grow. Thus, drivers, food and grocery delivery executives, merchants etc. They must submit information like their email address, name, phone number, and location. 
  • Instant login option – Customers can quickly sign in on a Grab like on-demand services platform. They can sync their email addresses, accounts of instant messaging apps, and social media accounts. This enables them to book services quickly. 
  • Integrated Help Desk – Customers, travellers, drivers, as well as store owners can solve various problems with ease. They can connect with the help centre and get prompt solutions for late deliveries, payment processing glitches, refunds, and security issues. 
  • Live tracking of vehicles – Commuters will receive real-time updates about their booked buses, cars, and motorbikes. They can switch on the GPS on their smartphones and keep track of the movement of drivers. Eventually, they can manage their business operations efficiently. 
  • Advanced payment gateway – Users can process transactions quickly on a Grab clone. They can sync their credit and debit cards and pay their bills easily. Moreover, they get access to features like auto-top up, transaction history, QR code scanning, and e-receipts for every payment. 
  • Route Optimization mechanism – Cabbies can reach the location of passengers swiftly. They can tap the route optimization button and receive details of the shortest and fastest routes. As a result, drivers can plan their ride efficiently, pick up the customer from his/her location, and ensure a smooth journey. 
  • Instant notifications – Users receive real-time updates about lucrative offers, discounts, promo codes, and coupons. Thus, they can hire a vehicle, buy tasty food, get essentials delivered to their home, and also send packages to their family members and friends. 
  • Product-segregation section – Customers can choose their preferred goods easily. They can check out categories like beverages, groceries, flowers, health and wellness, medicines etc. Later, users will receive real-time information about the availability, location of the outlet, prices, discounts, offers, and ratings given by previous users. 

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Grab has been a sensation in the on-demand economy. It is the biggest multi-service app in South East Asia (SEA). Moreover, its Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) surpassed $4 billion in the third quarter this year. 
Food and grocery delivery services continue to generate huge growth for Grab. The Super App pocketed a revenue of $157 million. Willing to start a multi-services venture? Hire an app development company now and get a white-label Grab clone soon.

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