New Indo Farm Tractor Price, specifications and features 2024 – Tractorgyan

Indo Farm Tractor is one of the best and most dependable brands available. Tractors and other farm equipment play a minor role in the success of the Indo Farm. The company is well-known for producing multi-purpose engines and cranes capable of lifting up to 30 tonnes. In India, Indo Farm offers 23 tractor models with HP ratings ranging from 26 to 90.

The price of an Indo Farm Tractor starts at Rs. 3.90 lakh. Indo Farm Tractor manufactures the most powerful and environmentally friendly tractors in India. The 3090 DI is the most expensive Indo Farm tractor, costing Rs. 17.00 Lakhs, while the Indo Farm 1026 is the most affordable, costing Rs. 3.90 Lakhs.