Modify the Custom Pillow Boxes for Every Business Domain

The pillow shape is the most common one utilized in the packaging sector. It is one of the best shapes which is used for gifting purposes. However, if you are wondering to manufacture the gift boxes in this shape then you can do it on your own even but there would be a little help required of a good packaging company for the material of the boxes.

As there is a great trend of eco-friendly materials. So, most people only love to buy biotic-friendly packaging. So, make sure that your packaging has all the good aspects of the packaging.

Look into the below ideas to have the awesome custom pillow boxes:

Fox Pillow Shape Book Boxes

Most books are sold out in boring packaging. But with the help of the pillow shape the packaging of the book box can be made interesting.

All you have to do is to choose the cardstock material and decorate the entire box with the fox animated shape. For instance, you can place the cunning eyes of the fox on the box as well as the nose.

Moreover, add the tale of the fox below the box. Like this, the box will look incredibly good. Just add all actual fawn colors of the fox on the box along with the skin color polka dots in small diameter to give actual feel to the box.

These cute book boxes will be sold tremendously on the shelves.

Ice cream Pillow Shape Packaging

You can create the ice cream pillow box packaging by adding the kraft stick to the box and making it look outstanding by adding the yellow solid color to the whole box.

Moreover, go for adding all the accessories within the box-like hairpins, ear tops, bracelets, hair bands, etc.

Teenage girls can get bored by seeing the old-style packaging. But you can make it interesting by creating box shapes such as ice cream.

Minion Pillow Packaging

The “despicable me” is a movie produced by Illumination which has made a character “Minion” within the movie. This is one of the famous animated characters which people love to watch.

You can make minion boxes to attract the kids. Even girls in their teenage also love the animated movie characters. So, for encasing the candies the minion pillow shape boxes would be a great choice.

Animal Boxes in Pillow Shape

Everyone has a special kind of love in their heart for the animals. Many people have kept the animal as their pets and they are like a family member to them.

You can also create some kind of interesting animal packaging for pet food.

For instance, if you are making the packaging for the cat food you can choose the black color pillow boxes packaging and modify the upper part of the box into the shape of the cat and add the tale of the cat as well.

But don’t just modify the box in the cat shape but do add the eyes and nose of the cat in order to provide the entire feel.

Like this, you can create animal boxes for rabbits, dogs, loin, etc.

Lace Pillow Boxes

Elegance is key to success. You can modify your boxes elegantly in less budget as well. Simply select the Kraft material and add the lace on the packaging and tie it with the Kraft string as a bow.

However, this modification will look incredible.

Go for adding a tag of “for you” on the box.  The pillow shape can be the best gift box for loved ones.

Pillow Shape Tea Bags Packaging

Sipping the tea is liked by everyone. People are great fans of herbal teas as they carry massive benefits for the body. If you are manufacturing some kind of tasty tea then you can choose the pillow shape slim packaging for encasing every tea bag within it.

Like this, all the tea bags will remain safe and will create awesome packaging for tea lovers. Within the pillow tea bag packaging, you can add some kind of quotation.

Like “Never give up” etc. It will help people to stay motivated. The motivation quotes are needed every day to feel positive about life. Therefore, go for this positiveness.

Seeds Pillow Packaging

Seeds are really essential to growing the plant and a tree. You can make your seed packaging interesting with the help of the pillow shape box.

How to do so?

Simply choose the kraft color packaging and modify the outer packaging of the box by pasting spring season color leaves on the Kraft box. If you don’t like the kraft packaging you can choose some other material and color as well.

Try to choose the colors such as bright dark green, bright orange, and deep red. However, these all-color leaves will help you to achieve the attractive custom pillow boxes packaging instantly.

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