Migration to Shopify: Why your business should move to Shopify

It is essential to create an engaging user experience for your eCommerce business. But what’s more important is to get the right eCommerce platform. It becomes easy to create, manage, and maintain your eCommerce store if you have an appropriate eCommerce platform.

While there have been plenty of eCommerce platforms around us for a long time, many have emerged as a leader in today’s time. And one such eCommerce platform is Shopify. It boasts almost 20% of the market share in eCommerce technologies. And it holds the second rank after WooCommerce and outpaces strong competitors like BigCommerce, Magento, and Wix.

And that is the reason why many online retailers have started migrating to Shopify or finding Shopify developers to build their online store.

So, what is the reason behind such a rush to migrate to Shopify? Let’s find it out! 

You don’t have to worry about server or hosting costs

 Since Shopify is a hosted platform, you are billed monthly when you go for Shopify eCommerce development services. You will get different subscription options, and each offers various features.

Migrating to Shopify means you are free from worrying about adding as many products as you want. It brings the additional benefit of accommodating massive traffic during peak seasons without avoiding any slow-down.

Ease of customization

As your online business grows, you may have to adjust your online store’s behavior and look. You may have to customize your eCommerce store to accommodate the changing needs of businesses and customers. With Shopify eCommerce development services, you can customize your online store as much as you can. You can even find Shopify developers to do the needful.

Brings scalability

One of the major concerns of all online retailers is scalability. The eCommerce retailers should be confident about the platform that they won’t face any challenge when their store grows.

Most retailers face challenges during peak hours. And migrating to Shopify can help them cater to such a massive traffic flow without hassle. Shopify eCommerce development company provides lightning-fast services combined with the best-in-class content delivery network to make your online store doesn’t break down during peak hours.

No hidden charges

When running an online store on your own, you have to consider various additional costs such as hosting fees, development charges, server costs, and more.

Shopify brings end-to-end hosting services that help you run and manage your online store anytime and anywhere without paying hefty costs. Of course, you can find the best Shopify developers to add more functionalities and customize them. But the price is much lower than other eCommerce platforms.

Top-notch security

Shopify takes security very seriously. And thus, they have invested time, effort, and money to get PCI Level 1 certification. Your online store, hosting, and shopping cart are safeguarded with top-notch security. So, migrating to Shopify with the help of Shopify eCommerce development services will help you secure your online store in the best possible way.

A wide range of extensions and themes

Adding innovative features and functionalities is not a challenge with Shopify. With more than 2200 apps, you can quickly start, manage and grow your online store. Be it Mail Chimp, Shogun Page Builder, or Yotpo Reviews; you can use any extensions to expand the functionality of your online store.

Not just these, but Shopify eCommerce development services help you bring exceptional user experience and engagement using a wide range of free and premium themes. Based on your industry and offerings, you can select any theme you want.

Make your store SEO compatible

One of the primary reasons to migrate to Shopify is its capability to integrate SEO tools. Such tools can help you customize meta tags, sitemap.xml, Heading tags, social media integration, and many other things. However, it would help if you made sure that your old URL is mapped with your new URL with the help of 301 redirects. This way, you can redirect customers when they click on the old URLs.

Ease of integration with other platforms

Shopify is known for its wide range of applications marketplace, and it is pretty easy to integrate with other third-party platforms or applications. When you migrate to Shopify, you can enjoy the massive value of API calls. This will enable you to integrate multiple applications without hampering the performance of your online store.

Final thoughts

You are still confused about whether to migrate your online store to Shopify? The reasons discussed above definitely make sense to migrate to Shopify from your old or legacy eCommerce systems. It is an excellent opportunity to boost your business process and sales. Want the best Shopify developers to work on your migration? We’re a call away!

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