Machining centers that maximize your potential

Markets are constantly changing. Customer tastes and requirements change rapidly. Workflows must therefore be flexible, agile and ready for change. The wooden joinery sector is no exception to the rule: more and more often, for example, the market is asking for joinery with larger panes and reduced profiles as much as possible.

It is in response to this that MADEINNOBLE has developed China CNC machining that meet all production and quality requirements.

With Woodpecker, the shapes and thicknesses that can be machined know no limits: you will be able to respond effectively to modern aesthetic and architectural trends. CNC machining allows you to satisfy the needs of a customer who is not satisfied with basic standards.

Our CNC machining centers allow you to offer on the markets all types of wood carpentry

It is easier for a company to be reactive to market trends or to open up new business opportunities when it has production technology that is up to the challenge. The versatility of Woodpecker machining centers allows you to produce all types of joinery.

The importance of performance: the CNC machining centers of the Woodpecker range make it possible to achieve all the technical solutions

Innovation in modern joinery represents a response to ever-increasing demands for environmental comfort. MADEINNOBLE has invested heavily in the study of a technology capable of ensuring “tailor-made energy quality”, concerning both the minimum requirements of thermal transmission coefficient imposed by the regulations of the various countries and the environment for which the carpentry.

The seven great advantages of Woodpecker

Choosing Woodpecker solutions means being able to count on seven advantages that make all the difference compared to similar offers on the market:

Increased productivity;

Reduction of production costs;

Full automation of work cycles;

Considerable energy savings;

Maximum flexibility in the range of doors and windows to be produced;

No need for specialized personnel;

Ease of maintenance.

Effective responses to your production needs

The Woodpecker range includes four models of machining centers, four different versions in terms of their production capacity and the investment required, in order to meet the specific demands of each joinery manufacturer.

Which machining center is right for your business?

To answer this question, several factors must be taken into account: productivity, autonomy, flexibility, the type of joinery to be manufactured, etc. Productivity is an easy aspect to assess: the table below can provide you with an immediate indication which will then allow you to determine the solution that is right for you.

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