It is used for making all types of structural

It is used for making all types of structural components in furniture manufacturing. Its surface can be treated for decorative purposes, thus giving a unique appearance to the product. It is resistant to chemicals and other materials, which makes it ideal for use in kitchen appliances and cooking utensils.

CHORcoal is made from the wood waste produced during the manufacture of wooden products. CHORcoal is used as a building material due to its many useful properties. It is a fire resistant material, and it is resistant to moisture absorption. Because of its superior strength, CHORcoal is ideal for use as the core material in the manufacture of engineered panels. A number of types of panels are available based on the composition of the CHORcoal core. These include steel panels, plywood, and fiberboard panels. The thickness of CHORcoal can vary from 0.01 inch to 3 inches.

CHORcoal is a composite material made up of two different kinds of wood, namely pine and cork. It has been used for a long time, particularly in Europe and North America. Because of its many advantages, CHORcoal is one of the most sought after composite building materials in the construction industry today.