InventHelp is a service that claims to find original inventors for your inventions. InventHelp says they have made millions of dollars from their inventions and want to help other people get started in business. Despite these claims, many people have lost money and even their homes through InventHelp contracts. What customers should know is that InventHelp uses marketing ideas as its own and has the financial backing to do so. The company has been doing this for years and has no intention of changing their ways.
InventHelp is a leading inventor service company

If you’re interested in creating a business around your idea or invention, you should look into InventHelp’s services. This company helps inventors sort out patents and other intellectual property, and puts them in touch with people who know how to maximize their success. Many new inventors don’t know how to improve their patent or their intellectual property, so InventHelp can help you make the most of your efforts.

InventHelp is not a replacement for a patent attorney

While InventHelp can provide you with a number of patent services, you should always choose an experienced, reputable patent attorney to work with you. A reputable patent attorney will go above and beyond their duties in reviewing your invention and ensuring that you get the best possible protection for your investment. A patent attorney should also be willing to provide you with advice and valuable ideas on your invention. InventHelp patent attorneys have in-house legal counsel, which can help you make sure you get the best protection for your invention.
InventHelp does not evaluate inventions

InventHelp is a company that helps inventors bring their ideas to life. While they do not evaluate inventions or give opinions, they do help inventors present their product ideas to industry. The company has access to over 9000 companies that are looking for new products and services. By helping them get their products and ideas in front of industry, InventHelp makes sure that inventors have a fair shot at commercialization.
InventHelp does not prepare a 3D CAD model

If you are an aspiring inventor, you may have a few questions about how to go about getting your product into the marketplace. There are several ways to do this, including using a patent attorney, working with investors, or getting your product onto store shelves. InventHelp is one of the most experienced companies in the invention help business, and can help you with all stages of the invention process.
InventHelp does not handle patent applications

While InventHelp is not a patent attorney, they do handle the following steps to protect your invention. First, InventHelp will write a press release for your product. It will not contain any information about the product itself or how it works, but it will be sent to over 9000 newsrooms through the PR Newswire network. Next, InventHelp will submit this release to various magazines. This publicity will help get your product in front of more people.
InventHelp does not handle market launch

InventHelp is an organization that helps inventors with the next steps involved in commercializing their inventions. InventHelp is a network of over nine thousand companies that are interested in your idea. It is the responsibility of these companies to offer their best opinion of your product, so you can be assured that your idea will have the best chance at being successful. InventHelp does not handle the entire process of market launch, but they can help you package your idea for market.
InventHelp charges thousands of dollars

As an aspiring inventor, you may be on the lookout for services to help you bring your idea to the market. There are a variety of things you should know before signing on the dotted line. You can hire a patent attorney to write a patent application, and get investors and other people to help you market your product. But do you really need to pay InventHelp thousands of dollars? Here are some tips to make sure you aren’t wasting your money.