InventHelp Review – Is InventHelp a Charity?

If you are an aspiring inventor, you may be looking for help securing patents, investors, and getting your product to store shelves. Invent Help is one company that may be on your radar. This company charges a fee for its services. But, it is a business, not a charity.
InventHelp is a leading provider of invention help services

InventHelp is the leading provider of invention help services in the United States. Their team has years of experience working with new inventors, making the process easier and more successful. The process of developing a new product or service can be stressful and intimidating if you do not have the right resources. InventHelp’s professional team will work with you to package and present your idea in an effective manner for submission to companies. The team will also provide you with referrals for patenting your idea. Lastly, they will keep your idea confidential.
It is a business not a charity

As the name suggests, Invent Help claims to be a charity and is run by inventors, but it is a business and is not a charity. The company makes a lot of money by helping people with their inventions, but they do not do this by helping you. Instead, they take your ideas, use them as their own, and make a lot of money off of them.
It charges a fee for its services

InventHelp is a company that charges fees for its services. These fees vary based on the service being provided. The fee for a two-year agreement can be as low as $800 and as high as $10,000. The fee depends on the type of service used and the marketing plan chosen.
It has a Virtual Invention Browsing Experience (VIP)

Invent Help has an experience called the VIP, or Virtual Invention Browsing Experience, that lets you view your invention ideas and interact with companies in an interactive way. By using the VIP, you can present your invention idea in three-dimensional form, highlighting its value and utility. It also provides the necessary information to start the process of submission to a company.
It offers workshops

If you’re a young inventor looking to take their idea from an idea to a commercial reality, Invent Help can be a great place to start. They’ll help you with all sorts of things, from patent attorneys to investors and other people that can help you get your idea from idea to store shelf. And they’re relatively affordable.
It has a customer satisfaction rating of 3.5 stars

When you’re looking for a company to help you with your invention, you may want to consider Invent Help. They have a 3.5-star customer satisfaction rating based on 63 submissions. This number is impressive, especially considering that the company has handled thousands of requests for help in 2019 alone. However, you must be careful when choosing a company to handle your invention.