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With a strategic roadmap to reduce oil dependency and curb imports, KSA is stepping on the accelerator to rev up domestic manufacturing and turbocharge industrial development. With a notable decline in import volume during the period of 2016-2021, KSA’s government initiatives to build in-house manufacturing capabilities have been gaining traction. As a result, the automotive industry in KSA is experiencing a remarkable growth ride.

Curious to delve deeper into the exciting journey of KSA’s automotive market? Read more to uncover the key growth drivers that are sculpting the future of the industry. Discover the strategies, innovations, and potential that lie ahead.

1. To reduce dependence on oil & imports, KSA has made a Strategic framework to develop domestic manufacturing & facilitate industrial development

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2. As a result, Industrial clusters and the private sector are increasingly investing in the production of advanced mobility materials and vehicle parts

KSA Automotive Market3. Four Key Trends are Re-Shaping the Automotive Industry with Serious Implications on OEMs and Suppliers in KSA

KSA Automotive Market4. Further, Huge export opportunities are available in KSA with the establishment of the automotive industrial clusters, helping in filling demand in Africa & other GCC countries as well

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