How to Style A Wedding Sherwani

Weddings are the perfect occasion to flaunt your style. You can show your style to the whole gathering, and if it is up to the mark, you can steal the show. A wedding is where people put their best to look good and pull out the best fashion. 

There are a lot of wedding outfits there for men, but nothing speaks to royalty like a wedding sherwani for men. Today, we will tell you about the wedding sherwani and how you can style your sherwani so you can seek all the attention at the wedding. 

What Is A Sherwani? 

It is a long-sleeved outer coat worn by men in South Asia. Like the Western dress coat, it is fitted with some midriff concealment; it tumbles underneath the knees and is secured down the front. It tends to be collarless, has a shirt-style neckline, or mostly embroidered stand.

Sherwani is the outfit that is mainly worn at weddings because of tradition. A wedding without the sherwani outfit is not a wedding in most of Southeast Asia, and it is a heritage that the people can’t forget.

How To Style Wedding Sherwani? 

Suppose you want to put on any dress, whether a kurta or a formal dress, styling is the most important thing to consider. You should know how to style your dress so you can look charming as ever in your outfit.

Here, we will tell you how you can style your sherwani so that you can look the best and steal the show. The styling tips for your sherwani are given below so that you can look for the best styling tips.

1) Sherwani With Patiala Salwar

This style is an interesting one yet not familiar. Simply attempt it, and you will see. For the sherwani outfit though, you can go for white sherwani with brilliant weaved sleeves and neck region. Wear it with a Patiala salwar and see the attention for yourself.

2) Sherwani With Churidar Pajama

For this sherwani thought, you can wear dark sherwani with a brilliant botanical print all over it. Rather than going for a churidar night robe, you can wear churidars made from leather texture.

3) Kolhapuri Sandals With Sherwani 

If you are dressing well, then your footwear should also be excellent. The Kolhapuri sandals are specially made for weddings and other wedding functions, so you can enjoy wearing them, and they will give the best look to your sherwani. 

4) Styling Dupatta With Sherwani  

Dupatta is the best choice to cover up your sherwani. Dupatta floating on the shoulder and one side on the hand gives the perfect wedding look. This style is the best-looking, and you can wear it to see the response you get.

In this article, we have told you about the sherwani and how you can style your sherwani for the wedding and other wedding functions to look perfect.   

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