How To Combine Shoes With Different Colours With Different Tops And Bottoms?

A pair of shoes is the first thing a woman may look at in a man. So, choosing the right colour is crucial to leave a good impression. Like other fashion garments and accessories in your wardrobe, shoes have recently become footwear available in a large variety of shapes, colours, designs, and fabrics. Today, you wear a pair of sneakers even with a formal suit.

This relaxation then brings several questions like: What to wear with black or brown shoes? How to wear sneakers with a formal suit? The key to an impressive look is heavily based on the colours of your shoes, and you can risk ruining all your efforts if you choose the wrong colour. Indeed, choosing the right shoes, in terms of colours and styles, is the easiest and the hardest thing to do. 

This blog will let you know how to wear different shades of shoes with the Noir men’s collection, like casual joggers, chinos, leather and denim jeans, and others.

Combine Your Shoes With Different Tops And Bottoms

It is easy to wear outfits made of the same colour, but the aspect of little contrast can make your appearance stunning. Explore how you can make the right combinations of your shoe colours.

Combination With Black Shoes

Black shoes are always evergreen, and this colour of shoes is usually preferred for formal dressing. For some, black shoes may limit the clothes you wear with them. It is a bit like a black blazer: they are very effective with a formal look but much less suitable with casual joggers.

Black shoes go very well with black, light gray, and dark suits. Usually, they give you a formal effect and are thus ideal for formal events. 

And contrary to popular belief, combining black shoes with a suit with blue colour is also ideal, as long as you stick to dark hues. In other words, yes to the navy blue suit, no to its light blue cousin.

Casual joggers are riskier, as mentioned earlier. If you want to wear black shoes with joggers of a colour other than black or dark blue to have a less formal look, go with a pair of derbies. You can also follow the same rule for denim jeans.

Combination With Brown Shoes

Brown is the easiest colour for some to wear in terms of footwear. A pair of brown shoes have shades like dark, light, camel, and sand. These shades enable you to choose the right one according to your top and the occasion.

If you prefer the lighter shade of brown, you can have a more relaxed look. And it is good if you add details, like a pair of brogues).

Brown shoes go very well with coloured trousers. If you want to wear brown trouser, you need to ensure they are at least two shades lighter or darker than your shoes.

Remember that shoes with dark brown colour go very well with dark and faded denim. You need to make sure your style is casual, and you can do it by wearing a pair of suede Chelsea boots.

If you want to wear black leather jeans, you can prefer a relatively dark brown pair of shoes, which is an ideal combination.

Combination With Blue Shoes

Blue is not a common colour among dress shoes. This is a classic colour you can prefer for your jeans and shirts. However, it is generally reserved for the most daring person when it comes to shoes.

A pair of blue shoes allows you to have a more informal style, and you can add a smart personality to your look. You can choose a pair in suede leather to ensure a substantial effect on your personality.

You can choose a pair of moccasins or even desert boots. In any case, these shoes make a perfect combination with jeans. Again, be careful that the trouser’s shades and the shoes’ colour are quite different. If you are daring and don’t care what others say, you can wear blue shoes and pair them with gray or white trousers.

Combination With White Sneakers

You can wear a pair of white sneakers with almost anything. Wow! 

You now have a great option of footwear, as white sneakers adapt to all costumes (even black ones). White sneakers will also go very well with jeans, whether black, blue, light blue, or any other colour. These shoes are also ideal for trousers, shorts, joggers, and just about anything you prefer as bottom.

The only difficulty with white sneakers is to keep them in perfect condition. A pair with stains will indeed have the bad effect on a suit and your personality.

Final Words

We hope this blog will play a vital role in making your personality attractive. By following these tips for shoes, you can bring a sudden change in your appearance and impress others. Stay connected with NOIR LDN for more information, and if you want high-quality fashion garments, you can visit the Noir fashion collection. We invite you to choose your favourite outwear and bottoms we offer, and style with shoes of different colours!

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