How to choose your SEO agency?

On the basis of good visibility on the Internet, SEO is an essential lever for your marketing strategy. To ensure the proper management of this acquisition lever, you can outsource the management of the natural referencing strategy by entrusting it to an SEO or multi-lever agency. But what are the criteria to take into account to find the right professional SEO Company?  Discover in this article the key steps to choose the one that suits you.  

Why use a professional SEO company? 

You may be hesitating to entrust the management of your natural referencing to an agency. Here are some advantages that agencies offer that you should consider in your consideration. 

Expert in its field, Professional SEO company masters all natural referencing techniques and aims to increase the visibility of your site on Google. 

Improving your positioning requires SEO expertise, experience, and knowledge of different search engine developments and industry trends. 

If you don’t have all the required skills or in-house SEO experts on your team or if you’re short on time, managing your SEO on your own can turn out to be harmful and bring you bad results. 

Ensure the professionalism of a professional SEO company 

Check its reputation

A good indicator of expertise is notoriety. So how do you test your e -reputation? 

See if she has a blog where she shares her expertise; 

Check their social media activity; 

See if she participates in events related to her sector…

Ask for customer references 

In order to demonstrate its know-how and the results obtained, the agencies highlight certain client references. You can contact certain customers in order to benefit from feedback on their experience with this agency. This exchange can provide you with information concerning the quality of services and customer relations. 

You can also take a look at their customer cases or “use cases” (often offered as a free download). They provide an idea of ​​the strategies put in place and the results obtained with respect to a given client. 

Exchange with the agency 

Another step in choosing your agency: schedule an interview with them.  Whether in person or by videoconference, it is important to pay attention to certain points during this exchange:  

Are people listening? 

Do they learn about your business and your industry? 

Is the agency able to do a quick analysis of your problem and suggest areas for improvement? 

Can she show you customer cases similar to yours with results obtained?

Note: SEO experts must adapt to the level of SEO knowledge of each client. So if you don’t understand certain technical terms the agency should be able to explain things in a simple and accessible way.

Check financial strength

Improving its positioning is a step that takes time. So you commit to a new partner for a long time. It is therefore important to check the financial health of the agency to avoid finding yourself without this partner overnight. You can find the necessary information in the legal notices of the agency’s site to use them on online sites and tools to obtain this information. 

What are the characteristics of a competent professional SEO company? 

It offers you a quality audit 

To set up an effective natural referencing strategy, an agency must imperatively carry out an SEO audit of your site. It will identify what are the strong and weak points of your site in terms of SEO, in order to suggest what are points to work on and how to go about it. 

This audit includes 3 analyses: 

Technical analysis:  structure of your site, navigation, mobile-friendly adaptation, loading speed…; 

Semantic and content analysis:  quality of the content present, structuring of the content and whether it brings in qualified traffic;

Notoriety analysis:  number and quality of Backlinks.

An audit is therefore essential to work that the agency must carry out before any proposals.

It offers you a personalized strategy

Having a good positioning is very good but attracting visitors and turning them into customers is even better. As each client has a specific audience and objectives, it is important that the web marketing agency offers you a unique strategy.  

The Professional SEO company must take into account a certain number of criteria, such as your brand image, your competition or your commercial policy, to offer you an adequate offer. 

This is why the audit carried out by the agency must be of high quality, so that each solution and strategy is studied and you are not paid for services that would not be useful to your site. 

Finally, a competent Professional SEO company must be close to its customers and reactive. She must be able to provide you with answers and be available.

However, don’t call him every day an agency works with several clients and must have time for everyone! 

You are likely to talk to her often, so you have to get on well with the team so that the collaboration is as good as possible and that it lasts over time. 

In conclusion, choosing an Professional SEO company will allow you to obtain better SEO performance but also to save time. A good agency listens, works with powerful tools, and respects the SEO “rules”. By offering you a personalized digital strategy, it must provide you with solutions that will improve your online visibility.  Do you want to hire an agency? The Just Search team would be happy to help you support and develop your SEO strategies. Do not hesitate to contact us

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