For Looks at a Wedding Reception

Indian weddings are characterised by their rich aesthetics. They are about commemorating a couple’s new adventure and the tender moments they shared with their loved ones. The saree holds a significant position in every wedding celebration, especially the reception, as brides embrace family customs. Many brides choose to wear a stunning reception saree to mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

The bridal trousseau includes a variety of bridal saree collections in stunning patterns and colours. Indian brides are known for wearing exquisitely woven swarajshop sarees with gold and silver zari work, vibrant colours, and complex designs and motifs. During the wedding season, dressing up wealthy Banarasis and Kanjeevarams with a touch of refinement is exhilarating. With the greatest reception dress ideas, it’s time to create trends, moods, and enchantment.


Handwoven Banarasi sarees, known for their exquisite, glossy silk, provide bridal reception outfits opulence and beauty. They are renowned for excellent gold and silver zari work because of their air of regalness.

Since the beginning of time, Banarasi weaving has been renowned for its distinctive silk weaving skills. It might take three weeks to a year to craft the intricate sarees. These sarees, well known for their intricate patterns and motifs drawn from Mughal designs, promote the beauty of cultural values and deeply ingrained traditions. Are you considering attending the reception in a Banarasi? Swarajshop also offers gorgeous weaves in the most captivating colours.

Wear a pure silk red Banarasi saree with a border that is rich in gold if your spirit yearns to celebrate the colour of love and fresh power. One more luxurious red silk Banarasi in a jewel tone from the series provides a rich backdrop for a delicate gold zari brocade.

If excitement and joy are the guiding principles of your new adventure, use an orange jewel-toned gold brocade Banarasi weave to create the desired effect for your reception. If the theme of your reception is fresh feelings and romance, Tissue banarasi sarees in pastel tones like lavender, mauve, mint green, peach, and other colours are perfect to drape.


The origin of Kanjeevaram sarees is Kanchipuram, popularly referred to as “the silk paradise of India” and today located in Tamil Nadu. These weaves are the pinnacle of cultural design aesthetics because they are decorated with traditional complex designs like Mayil chakram (peacock inside rings), Simha (lion), Purna Kumbha (vase of plenty), Yanai (elephant), Kamala (lotus), Swan (hamsa), and others. If hanging a Kanjeevaram for the reception is something you’ve always wanted to do, swarajshop has the best pieces in mouthwatering colours.

We all adore Kanjeevarams for their lustre, smoothness, and matte-like feel. If achieving the “Maharani Look” with a modern touch is on your bucket list, drape a pink Kanjeevaram for unrivalled richness. Sarees in dazzling pink hues like rose, raspberry, and ruby give the bridal reception outfit a dynamic yet charming design quotient.

Drape sumptuous Kanjeevarams in brilliant hues like azure, peacock, and royal blue, interwoven with the splendour of gold and silver, for the pinnacle of regality underlined with grace. Such hues that suggest power, reliability, and assurance for a happy start will undoubtedly be included to a bride’s saree wardrobe.

Wedding receptions call for airy gold Kanjeevaram sarees online. They are decorated with large borders that are jewelled or have two tones, signifying prosperity for newlywed life. With amazing contrast raised on the base weave, the borders stand out. Highlighting the drape’s genuine appearance is the thick zari border, or “zarigaipettu,” which is traditionally attached separately to the body of the Kanjeevaram saree.

For your wedding celebrations, you are guaranteed to find picture-perfect swarajshop sarees, whether they are classic Kanjeevarams or elaborate Banarasis. On, from the comfort of your home, you may shop for your preferred curtains, or you can visit any swarajshop location. Discover beautiful handcrafted sarees that you will treasure for a lifetime, just as you will treasure the memories of your wedding celebrations, by coming today.