Facts About Falcon Souq Doha The Number One Tourist Spot in Qatar

Falcon Souq Doha is not simply an attraction but also the most exciting place to visit in Qatar. Falcons have been an inherent part of the culture, and these enormous birds are being cared for by the falconers in society. There are hospitals where they receive needed nourishing and medical help. The Falcon Souq in Qatar is one of those popular areas where one can closely experience these giant birds of the desert.

There are shops selling every amenity for these falcon’s while there are falcon tours organized for tourists to understand the behaviors and the art of Falconry. People should visit Falcon Souq to take a peek of Qatari heritage. It resembles a fortress like arcade the center of action.  It is the top tourist spot in Qatar to visit today.

Largest Market For Falcon Accessory

A whole host of products for Falcons are available at the Falcon Souq in Doha, Qatar. Products as varied as the bird’s eye hood, the cuffs, leg restraints, gloves for falconers, medical supplies, the Souq offers every single thing for the falconers and their pets. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Qatar, travelers need to visit at least once.

The falcon souq Qatar is unique from the other markets people visit because it features everything associated with falconry. A major feature is the trained birds found every step of the way.  Bird lovers can plan a trip to this souq because there are plenty of interesting items associated with birds. 

It is a unique activity to do during your trip to Doha.  Hence, when it comes to shopping for items, tourists can find large range of products for Falcons at the Falcon Souq in Doha Qatar.

Exhibits The Culture From Bedouin Era

Falcon Souq is one of the top places to perceive the culture and heritage in Qatar. Falconry has its origins linked to Arab Bedouin culture and art since the ancient time when it was an instrument of survival in the desert.

Auctions Are Organized Regularly

How about going to an auction for Falcons? Well, this is one of the most popular attractions in Qatar due to Falcon auction that is hosted for the Falconers. The birds are put on display and sold depending on their size, skills, and other characteristics. The falcon price in Qatar is too high and hence, if people do visit Qatar, they should attend the auctions.

It Has A Falcon Hospital

The Falcon Souq Qatar incorporates a hospital for falcons exclusively built for their development and welfare. The Falcon hospital encompasses all essential amenities ranging from the medical equipment, the x-ray machines, surgery units and other emergency aid needed at the time.

The Nutshell

With the giant birds and their amazing art and alluring accessories, Falcon Souq is the leading tourist spot in Doha and one of the main attractions in the country. The Souq not only attracts the falconers but every year, a huge number of tourists visit this place to discover its significance.