Eyewear Market Price, Trends, Growth, Analysis, Outlook, Report and Forecast 2023-2028

The global eyewear market has witnessed substantial growth over the years, driven by factors such as increasing vision impairment, changing fashion trends, and growing awareness about eye health. Eyewear, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses, has become an essential accessory for people worldwide. This blog post explores the market size, trends, industry segmentation, market overview, and key players in the global eyewear market, providing valuable insights for industry professionals and consumers alike.

Market Size and Share:

According to Expert Market Research recent report, the eyewear market growth was valued at USD 124.7 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach 150 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.1% during the forecast period (2023-2028). This growth can be attributed to several factors, including an aging population, increasing prevalence of vision-related disorders, and rising disposable incomes.

Industry Segmentation:

The global eyewear market can be segmented based on product type, distribution channel, and geography.

  • Product Type:

a. Prescription Glasses: This segment includes eyeglasses used for vision correction and comprises different materials such as plastic, metal, and others.

b. Sunglasses: These are designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and enhance visual comfort. They are available in various styles, colors, and lens technologies.

c. Contact Lenses: Contact lenses provide vision correction without the need for traditional eyeglasses. They come in different types, such as soft lenses, gas-permeable lenses, and hybrid lenses.

  • Distribution Channel:

a. Offline Stores: Eyewear is commonly sold through brick-and-mortar stores, including optical shops, independent retailers, and department stores.

b. Online Stores: The e-commerce channel has gained significant popularity, offering convenience and a wide range of options for consumers to purchase eyewear online.

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Market Overview:

The global eyewear market is witnessing significant growth due to several key trends:

Increasing Demand for Fashionable Eyewear:

Eyewear has evolved beyond its functional purpose to become a fashion statement. Consumers are increasingly seeking stylish frames, innovative designs, and customization options.

Growing Awareness about Eye Health:

With rising awareness about eye health and the importance of regular eye examinations, the demand for prescription glasses and contact lenses has increased. People are becoming more proactive in maintaining their eye health.

Technological Advancements:

Advancements in lens materials, lens coatings, and frame manufacturing technologies have improved the comfort, durability, and aesthetics of eyewear. Innovative features such as blue light filtering and photochromic lenses are gaining popularity.

Online Retail Expansion:

The e-commerce channel has witnessed significant growth in the eyewear market. Online platforms offer a wide range of products, attractive discounts, and hassle-free purchasing experiences, contributing to the market’s growth.

Forecast Period (2023-2028):

During the forecast period, the global eyewear market is expected to witness continued growth. Factors driving this growth include:

Aging Population:

The global population is aging, leading to an increased incidence of age-related vision problems such as presbyopia and cataracts, thereby driving the demand for eyewear products.

Rising Disposable Incomes:

As disposable incomes increase in emerging economies, consumers are willing to spend more on premium eyewear products, including luxury brands and advanced lens technologies.

Technological Innovations:

Ongoing research and development efforts are expected to introduce advanced lens materials, coatings, and smart eyewear technologies, further expanding the market.

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Key Players:

Some of the key players in the global eyewear market include:

  • Luxottica Group S.p.A.
  • EssilorLuxottica
  • Safilo Group S.p.A.
  • Johnson & Johnson Vision
  • Bausch + Lomb
  • CooperVision
  • Hoya Corporation
  • Carl Zeiss AG
  • Marcolin Eyewear
  • Charmant Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What factors are driving the growth of the global eyewear market?
A: The market growth can be attributed to factors such as the increasing prevalence of vision-related disorders, changing fashion trends, rising disposable incomes, and technological advancements in eyewear.

Q: What are the key challenges faced by the eyewear industry?
A: The eyewear industry faces challenges such as counterfeit products, intense competition, and the high cost of premium eyewear brands.

Q: How is e-commerce impacting the eyewear market?
A: E-commerce platforms have revolutionized the eyewear industry, providing consumers with a wide range of choices and the convenience of online shopping. It has expanded market reach and enhanced customer engagement.

Q: Are sustainable eyewear options available in the market?
A: Yes, there is a growing demand for sustainable eyewear. Many eyewear brands are incorporating eco-friendly materials and adopting ethical manufacturing practices to meet consumer preferences for sustainability.

Q: How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the eyewear market?
A: The eyewear market faced challenges during the pandemic due to supply chain disruptions, store closures, and reduced consumer spending. However, with the gradual recovery and the growing awareness of eye health, the market is expected to regain momentum.


The global eyewear market is experiencing robust growth, driven by factors such as increasing vision impairments, changing fashion trends, and rising disposable incomes. With technological advancements and growing awareness about eye health, the market is expected to witness sustained growth in the forecast period. Understanding the market size, segmentation, trends, and key players is crucial for stakeholders and consumers looking to make informed decisions in the dynamic eyewear industry.

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