Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Car’s Exterior Properly

Restoring your car to its former glory when you first bought it from a NZ car dealer doesn’t have to be a big chore. Cleaning your car’s exterior regularly and thoroughly with the right car cleaning products will save you time and money in the long run.

First, ensure you have all the necessary exterior car cleaning products at your disposal. Once your cleaning area and supplies are sorted, follow these vehicle-cleaning tips and tricks to make your ride sweet again.

Clean Your Car in a Shaded Area.

Prolonged sun exposure while washing your car’s exterior may cause the soapy water to dry too quickly. Sundried soap spots will be unsightly and noticeable, and you’ll have to wash them off again. To avoid this, wash your car when the sun isn’t shining too brightly, ideally during the early morning or late afternoon.

Pre-Soak Your Vehicle.

Don’t be hasty when cleaning your car’s exterior. Start by washing it off with a hose to remove any sediment, dust, dirt, or substances stuck to your vehicle. Ensure that you’re also hosing down your wheels properly. They are the dirtiest part of your car, with constant contact with the road and potentially mud, faeces, and even roadkill. You don’t want to touch any of these substances while wiping off your wheels.

Don’t Scrub or Wipe in Circular Motions.

If one of your car cleaning products instructs you to scrub in a circular motion, ignore it. Don’t make the mistake of wiping in circles! Gliding your sponge or mitt in circles causes swirl marks that make your car’s paint job look like an unsightly version of the milky way. Instead, wipe the exterior in straight lines or vertical motions. This way, there will be no uneven marks.

Use Good-Quality Exterior Car Cleaning Products.

Good-quality car cleaning products don’t need to be expensive or overly specialised. It can be as simple as switching out ordinary household products (like your run-of-the-mill dish towel) for a microfibre cloth. Or, perhaps, use a sponge designed to protect your car’s paint job instead of a dishwashing sponge.

You should also avoid using dishwashing soap and laundry detergents since these contain chemicals unsafe for your car’s exterior. There are all-purpose cleaners designed for automobiles that you can buy instead. The cleaning materials you use will determine your car’s finished look after washing is complete.

Use a Separate Cloth for Each Step.

Don’t use the same sponge or towel to wipe the car’s body and wheels. Prepare different sponges or mitts for these parts. When waxing and polishing your car, you should also use another designated microfibre towel. Another thing to remember is to rinse your towel before putting it back in the water bucket. This way, you only wash your car’s exterior with clean water.

A deep clean of your auto’s exterior may take several hours to finish, but the results are always worth it. Bring out your reliable car cleaning products and wash the car’s exterior with the utmost care, and you’ll have a car that looks brand new.

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