Embrace silence

Can you be calm and still for more than two minutes? A busy books daily dose of rest and stillness goes a long way in recharging your batteries. It’s not rocket science, but it’s surprising how few of us indulge in the healing gift of rest.


We spend our days surrounded by harsh

We spend our days surrounded by harsh, man-made noise and frantic movement — washing machines, phones, computer screens, work machines, computer games, traffic noise, construction site exercises, supermarket madness, and loud music — leaving us feeling grumpy, stressed, and unable to concentrate. Then we go home to spend hours “relaxing” in front of the TV, with its relentless noise, flashing lights, depressing stories and fake laughter.


A friend recently invited me to dinner. The television was on all evening. She insists she can’t relax without background noise, and she describes it as company. And that’s when I thought I was the company!


Unsurprisingly, it was impossible to focus on the conversation we were having, so my friend ended up turning the volume down a bit. Not out, just down. But the flickering screen disturbed my thoughts and I felt myself becoming so stressed and nervous that I couldn’t wait to return to the beautiful tranquility of my own home.


This friend commutes every day in the rush-hour traffic to an insanely busy downtown office . Her body and soul need to cry out for a peaceful sanctuary at the end of the day, but she and countless others like her deny themselves this most basic need and turn on their TV as soon as she gets home from work each day.


So here are a few simple suggestions on how we can reconnect with the stillness that our minds and bodies secretly crave to deal with the noisy world we’ve created.


  • Plan your television consumption carefully. Take the time to study the program schedules and promise yourself that you will only watch programs that REALLY interest you. Switch off the device in between and enjoy the sudden silence. It may feel strange at first, but stick with it and the calm will pay off.


  • If you really feel you need background noise, choose a CD of relaxing instrumental music and play it softly. Avoid music with vocals or a strong rhythmic beat as this will not help you relax into a calm state.


  • Make eating your meals a relaxing and mindful activity. If you usually eat and watch TV shows at the same time, you’re missing out on a whole lot of gastronomic pleasure by scooping up food without realizing it. Turn off the TV and take your time to really enjoy the whole delicious process of eating.


  • Give yourself some time each day to just be. Sit quietly for half an hour or more with your eyes closed and just watch your mind wander. If you’re worried about the presentation you have to give tomorrow or the pile of ironing waiting for your attention, smile to acknowledge the concern and picture it as a small cloud, gentle at you floating away in the blue sky. You can take care of any issues later, but remember that this is your special time to let go.


  • If you’re not comfortable with the idea of just “being,” use the time to do some structured daydreaming. Choose a peaceful and positive topic to reflect on, e.g. B. Places in the world you want to visit, or try to list all the good things in your life using each letter of the alphabet as a starting point. It may seem childish, but that’s not so bad.


  • Try to integrate nature into your life as much as possible. If you can get to a park or other quiet and beautiful open space, that’s great, but even just looking at a picture of a beautiful place can calm your mind.


  • Avoid stores that assault your ears with deafening, frenetic music in the mistaken belief that this will somehow improve the shopping experience. These stores are for 12 year olds. Bring your habit into a shop that welcomes you with a relaxing ambiance. You will make your choices more carefully, you will feel happier with your purchases, and your blood pressure will not suffer.


  • Go to your local library and borrow some books. Chick-lit, crafts, travel, the supernatural, it doesn’t matter. Just browsing the shelves and dwelling on what you are doing will induce a peaceful feeling. Then, of course, read the books!


  • Avoid watching, hearing, or reading about the news, especially at the end of the day. Let’s face it, it’s always depressing. The world deliberately indulges in bad news and gossip, leaving Handmade quiet books your mind buzzing uncomfortably. You do not need. Instead, read your library books.


  • Finally, never underestimate the peaceful effect of candles. Sitting quietly in a darkened room and watching candle flames cast flickering shadows is both magical and healing.