Common Mistakes in Performing Umrah

Most of the time people leave not knowing the essence of Umrah and what to refrain during Umrah. Before leaving for Umrah, pilgrims must study basic ethics and teachings to know how to perform umrah without committing mistakes. Make your Umrah VIP trip a world-Class experience by choosing the best travel agent. Many agencies are compiling All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages. Book All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages to accomplish your dream of visiting the Holy House of ALLAH. But never forget to learn basic ethics and supplications to avoid mistakes and to have a flawless experience.

Making intentions:

The pilgrims can change their intention for the type of Hajj they would like to perform before entering Ihram. Making intentions after Ihram is never substantial. So bear in mind you have to make intention before putting ihram on.

Miqaat “Ihram Stations”:

The Miqaat stations were directed and appointed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ď·ş for pedestrians coming to Makkah from neighbor countries. So if you are coming by road you have to stop at Miqaat station coming your way to enter the state of Ihram. People coming via flights should get into Ihram before crossing the border of Saudi Arabia.

Touching the walls of Kaaba:

People try to hold the door of Kaaba, lean on the wall of the Kaaba and wipe the wall of the Kaaba considering it a noble deed. None of them has any supporting evidence in the Quran and Hadith. It is an act of Biddah, and Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prescribed Biddah as “innovations in religion”.

Avoid Photography and videography:

Pilgrims waste their time taking pictures and making videos. Keep in mind it may be an element of the sin of taking pictures because it is prohibited in Islam. You must absorb the moments you are living in rather than capturing them on cameras and mobiles. It might create in convinces and disturbance to other pilgrims.

Making supplications aloud:

One should not make supplications aloud. Try to make individual supplications in a subtle tone that doesn’t disturb other pilgrims.


Try avoiding time in chit-chats; rather invest the precious time in reciting Quran and making supplications.

Visiting Medina is not a part of Umrah:

Rituals of Umrah end in Makkah. Visiting Medina has no concerns with Umrah. Pilgrims visit the holy city of Medina to witness the glorifying pilgrimage places in Medina e.g. The Prophet’s Mosque, Mosque Quba, Mount Uhud and other holy sites which have an association with the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Pushing other pilgrimages during touching the white stone. It is a very common and unethical act pilgrims practice while kissing Hajar-E-Aswad. It is prohibited making in convince other Muslim brothers while Umrah we must respect the fact of not hurting anyone during the journey of Umrah.

Changing the Ihram clothes:

Pilgrims can surely change their Ihram, changing the Ihram clothes will never disturb the state of Ihram. It’s always a good practice to have extra Ihrams; one can change one’s Ihram when it is necessary. Coming out of the state of Ihram and changing into a new Ihram are two different things.

It’s a common mistake for people to mix two different facts and follow the wrong perspective. These are some common mistakes which you should know before you book Cheap December umrah packages.