Cloud Professional Services Market Key Player Analysis and Forecast

Cloud Professional Services Market Scope and Overview

The Cloud Professional Services Market size was valued at USD 25.42 billion in 2023, with a projected CAGR of 16.82% to reach USD 88.21 billion by 2031 as per SNS Insider report.

The increasing emphasis on digitizing business processes is boosting the global market. Moreover, the rising acceptance of robotics within the realm of manufacturing owes much to the emergent trends of automation. This, in turn, is majorly contributing to the increasing need for cloud professional services specialized in the usage of robotics-related applications on cloud platforms. Also, service providers are synergizing cloud systems with advanced analytics tools, AI, machine learning (ML), and DevOps practices, thus developing a dynamic hybrid cloud environment. This integration, along with the increasing importance placed on establishing adaptable IT ecosystems to retain competitiveness amid disrupting market dynamics, is a key driving force behind the growth of this market.

Moreover, cloud environments provide scalability, but optimizing an application’s performance as it scales could be challenging. Cloud professional services help organizations in designing architectures that can handle raised workloads without compromising performance. Numerous organizations adopt hybrid strategies to avoid vendor lock-in and to achieve redundancy. These strategies come with their complications, that could be navigated effectively with the assistance of professional services.

Some of the Major Key Players Studied in this Report are:

  • Alibaba Group Holding
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco Systems
  • Dell Technologies
  • Google LLC
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development
  • International Business Machines Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • Others

Cloud Professional Services Market Segmentation Analysis

Large enterprises accounted for the major market share as Cloud services provide cost-effective options as compared to traditional IT investments by reducing the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure, minimizing capital expenditures, and optimizing operational costs. The pay-as-you-go model of cloud computing helps large enterprises to align their IT expenses with their actual usage, improving financial flexibility and resource allocation. Moreover, the cloud’s versatility helps the management of numerous business functions within a unified framework.

Large enterprises usually operate in numerous regions and verticals, and cloud platforms provide the means to centralize IT management, streamline the processes, and ensure consistency across the businesses. This harmonization is especially important for fostering collaboration, data sharing, and communication across diverse departments and locations. In Addition to this, the cloud empowers large enterprises to innovate at a rapid pace. The ability to spin up development and testing environments rapidly, experiment with novel technologies, and iterate on ideas raises the innovation cycle.

Market Segmentation and Sub-Segmentation Included Are:

On The Basis of Service Type

  • Consulting
  • Application Development and Modernization
  • Implementation and Migration
  • Integration and Optimization

On The Basis of Deployment Model

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud

On The Basis of organization size

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises

On The Basis of verticals

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Lifesciences
  • IT and ITES
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Energy and utilities
  • Others

The majority of the companies are collaborating with clients to develop customized cloud strategies as per their business objectives. This involves assessing the company’s current IT landscape, determining the optimal cloud deployment model, comprising private, public, and hybrid, and outlining a roadmap for successful cloud adoption. However, various providers assist in designing cloud architectures that are more secure, and cost-effective. They maintain the decorum that the infrastructure is well-architected to meet the business performance along with the availability requirements.

Also, cloud professional services firms help in implementing DevOps practices, automation, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This assists companies to streamline their development processes and improve agility. Also, they offer ongoing managed services to handle day-to-day cloud management tasks, including monitoring, backups, patching, and troubleshooting. This allows companies to focus on their major business activities. 

Recent Developments

In February 2023, Infosys Limited teamed up with Microsoft to speed up the adoption of Cloud technology in industries. These solutions aim to help businesses discover value and expedite the transition to enterprise cloud.

Also in February 2023, Oracle Corporation introduced new cloud services designed to assist banks in meeting customer needs. The Cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite will give corporate and retail banks the flexibility to modernize their banking applications in order to fulfill customer demands.

In April 2022, Accenture PLC launched the Sovereign Cloud practice to help companies in harnessing innovation in the cloud. Sovereign Cloud is an approach that enables organizations to manage the location, access, and processing of their data in a cloud environment in response to new industry standards and compliance requirements in specific countries or sectors.

Regional Outlook

North America dominated the market in 2023 driven by presence of key players across the region. North American businesses are rapidly identifying the strategic benefits offered by cloud computing. The scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud services match well with the dynamic nature of overall industries across the continent. Enterprises of all sizes, from startups to MNCs, have harnessed the cloud’s capabilities to monitor their operations, innovate their services, and gain a competitive surface.

Additionally, regulatory scenarios and security concerns are also driving the region’s organizations to embrace cloud computing. The stringent compliance along with data protection regulations has encouraged businesses to partner with reputable cloud service providers that provide robust security measures and adherence to industry compliance. Furthermore, North America’s proactive approach to R&D has resulted in the urgency of cutting-edge cloud technologies, including AI, ML, and edge computing.

Key Takeaways

  • Asia-Pacific is one of the fattest growing sectors in terms of technology adoption, with numerous initiatives carried out by various governments and major corporations in the region propelling the demand for digitalization.
  • Healthcare and Lifesciences sector witnessed to show a promising CAGR during the forecast period. The e-prescribing, eHealth, telemedicine, and other healthcare IT services, along with the expanding usage of big data analytics, the IOT, wearable technologies, are all factors contributing to the growth of the healthcare sector boosting the market growth.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Industry Flowchart
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Market Dynamics
  5. Impact Analysis
    • Impact of Ukraine-Russia war
    • Impact of Economic Slowdown on Major Economies
  6. Value Chain Analysis
  7. Porter’s 5 Forces Model
  8. PEST Analysis
  9. Cloud Professional Services Market Segmentation, by Service Type
  10. Cloud Professional Services Market Segmentation, by Deployment Model
  11. Cloud Professional Services Market Segmentation, by organization size
  12. Cloud Professional Services Market Segmentation, by verticals
  13. Regional Analysis
  14. Company Profile
  15. Competitive Landscape
  16. USE Cases and Best Practices
  17. Conclusion

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