Can The Stomach Grow Back After Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Weight loss surgery is life-changing and most people succeed in achieving their fitness goals. People who have done weight loss surgery in Delhi succeeded in maintaining their weight for at least 5 years after the surgery. When you are going for bariatric surgery, you should know that you have to change your old habits, even your lifestyle, to maintain the weight. 

Bariatric surgery is no magic and one has to work hard to prevent weight regain. Though this surgery gives you the chance to live your life more happily without several health-related risks, it is your duty to make this work. There is a huge amount of information available on the internet about this topic, but to understand the process well, you have to understand what Gastric sleeve surgery is and how it works.

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery And How Does It Work?

Under different circumstances, people with excess weight have to choose the path of weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is also known as a laparoscopic vertical gastrectomy.  In this procedure, the surgeon removes the large portion of the stomach surgically from the body and then stitches the remaining portion together with the stomach and creates a new stomach.

Would The Weight Regain After The Surgery?

Talking about weight regaining, though the number is very few, some people have regained the weight they have reduced by undergoing surgery. But, this usually happens a long time after the surgery only if the patient keeps continuing the old habits and can’t get rid of them. After bariatric surgery, patients usually are able to lose weight easily as the most stubborn fat is already reduced from their bodies. 

After the surgery, the size of the person’s stomach gets reduced and that’s why the person could not be able to eat the same quantity of food he/she used to eat before. The weight can be regained if the person tries to overeat continuously. When someone continually overeats, the stomach starts to stretch. If your stomach stretches to its previous size, your brain will also start believing that your body needs more food. It doesn’t mean that you cannot occasionally overeat or on holidays. The stomach stretches if a person eats a large meal over and over again. Eventually, your stomach will go back to its previous size.

How To Prevent Your Stomach From Stretching?

Be Prepared Mentally

In this whole process, being mentally prepared is most important as this surgery will only be fruitful if you are determined about your fitness goals and want to achieve that. You have to get rid of all your old habits and old diet. Restart your journey from a dot. 

Take Care Of The Quantity

Though it is important to avoid some types of food items, such as junk food or foods that have excessive sugar, it does not mean that you can overeat food that is healthy for you. Sometimes, consuming a large quantity of healthy food is riskier than having a cheat day once in a while. 

Don’t Drink While Eating

Many people have the habit of drinking while eating. This habit helps the stomach to stretch and you should avoid this habit. In order to prevent the stomach from stretching, doctors recommenddrinking half an hour before eating or half an hour after completing your food. 

Grab Small Meals

If you feel hungry throughout the day, try to grab small meals instead of having big meals often. This will prevent your stomach from stretching. 

How To Find A Good Bariatric Surgeon In Delhi? 

If you are willing to have weight loss surgery in Delhi, you have to find a good surgeon.

  • Make sure to go for a surgeon who will deal with the situation with honesty and provide you with all information regarding the process. 
  • Make sure to go through the reviews and ratings of the surgeon before the surgery.
  • A trustworthy surgeon will also support you mentally. 
  • Go for a bariatric surgeon who will refer you to a dietitian for the process after the surgery.


Determine yourself and change your previous habits. If you are prepared and ready for changing your lifestyle, your weight will not regain.