Beginner Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

It’s always such an exciting experience to have your own place in college or whatnot after growing up with siblings or at times overbearing parents. Having an apartment gives not only a sense of freedom but a place which you can feel safe and go to when you just want to just enjoy your own self. An apartment is a gateway into one’s life as well, as it shows a person’s characteristics, your favorite colors and frames put up on your walls, and the smell that your apartment has that you and your guests will become familiar with as that is the smell of your place, the ambiance you give whether it be cozy or warm. Your apartment is the doorway to you. 

Having your first apartment is a rite of passage to your independence, but there are so many people that accidentally have what should be an exciting first experience become sour as their first apartment did not turn out to be what they envisioned whatsoever, from the moving process to the living process, to some it is their worst nightmare. 

Here are a few tips to make sure you not only find your best first apartment but also on how to make your move go smoothly. 

Research, research, research!

Researching your possible first apartment sounds like common sense, but this one simple step, if done correctly can make sure you do not make a mistake. Here are some of the most important things to consider when researching.

You want to make sure the place you are deciding to live at for the first time away from home is a safe area, so you need to make sure you are looking for the following factors.

  • What is the crime around that area, specifically, house and car break-ins?
  • When you drive around what sort of vibe does it gives you?
  • Will you feel safer if your apartment is gated or has security?

Once you have found an area that meets your safety standards you can now start looking at the apartments you are interested in but just as mentioned before, you need to still do your research here, and sometimes even more in-depth. 

Here are 5 important things to add to your checklist to help you out. 

What is your apartment budget?

  • Establish a budget before looking, this will help you in finding good options for your first home. 
  • A lot of apartments have little fees that are not part of the price they are giving you, make sure you ask!
  • Does your budget already include the utilities that don’t come with the apartment?
  • Does your budget include fees you may have to pay such as a pet rent? 
  • ALWAYS be on the lookout for specials!

What is the application process?

  • Now that you have a budget in place, you need to look at your possible application fees, note that some places will waive this fee if you meet certain requirements.
  • Do you have what they will be asking for? A good tip is to call and ask before applying.
  • Some places ask for triple the income, are you able to give that information?
  • What checks do they do? Some places do credit checks on possible tenants. 
  • Do they require a pet interview if you are bringing a fur baby?

What are the amenities you want?

  • This is the first place you are going to call home, what are the amenities that you would like?
  • A pool because you love being by a pool during the summer.
  • Do parks for your pets?
  • Does it come with a laundromat in case your washer/driver breaks or your apartment doesn’t include it?

The importance of looking at amenities is to also help you justify the prices. Sometimes an apartment may come off a bit more expensive, but if it has some quality amenities, it will be worth it. 

What are your does and do’s from your possible new place?

  • Does your possible new apartment have quiet hours?
  • Are you allowed to place things on your walls?
  • Do they have tenant rules you must abide by?

This is very important to make sure not only that you are a good tenant for the complex but for your neighbors as well, to make sure you don’t get fined and that you are able to become friends with your neighbors. 

What are the essentials for moving?

Now that you know what is needed for the new place you need to know the most important thing, how are you physically going to move your life there? This is something that if done correctly will make it brief if not it can be the most stressful time of your life.

  • Are you going to get movers or are you doing it yourself?
  • Will you need to ask friends and family for help?
  • When can you move in?
  • If you have heavy stuff, will you be able to get it up if your apartment is not on the first floor?
  • Does the apartment complex have moving rules? Some apartment complexes have specific times movers can use the elevators.
  • Do you know how to pack effectively? The goal is not to make the packing easy but to make unpacking easy because you will already be tired from moving everything in, you want to make sure you don’t have things boxed for days after moving.

How will you make your New Apartment a home? 

Once you have your apartment picked out and you are ready to move in, think about how you are going to make your new house a home. Moving can be tough, so include parts of your previous home or things of sentimental value to help with this transition. 

  • How are you going to Personalize your new place?
  • Hang artwork and pictures
  • Choose pictures that make you feel at home, and create canvas prints of them.
  • Bring in plants and scents such as candles or diffusers 

Now that you have gone over these crucial points, you will be able to not only find the perfect first place for yourself, but you are able to make sure that this experience is a wonderful one!

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