Basement Contractors – Add Extra Living Space to Your Home

Londoners often struggle with limited space, making basement construction an excellent way to gain extra living space. Our Basement conversion london builders specialize in everything from grand ‘iceberg’ basements and renovations to cellar conversions; let us turn any underused area into something beautiful for your home!

Your Basement conversion london designer will help assess if your excavation or construction plans are viable, providing guidance on costs related to underpinning, access routes, drainage needs, safe heating solutions, lighting options and multipurpose spaces – among many other considerations.
Refurbishing & Renovating Existing Basements & Cellars

Remodeling your basement can significantly increase its resale value and property tax base. Before embarking on this endeavor, however, be sure to conduct proper research.

At the outset of any basement project, conducting a geotechnical survey will give an accurate report of soil structure at your intended dig site and can identify where underground services such as drains are running; additionally it may reveal any impact a basement construction could have on nearby trees that could require Tree Preservation Orders for protection.

Basements and cellars can often serve only as storage areas; with some effort and dedication they can become living spaces of the highest order. Working with an expert Basement Contractor who has experience converting cellars in Period Properties and compact London streets may provide an ideal solution.
Underground Garages

Basement conversion london builders specialize in transforming damp cellars into usable space suitable for cinema rooms, games rooms, snugs, dens, guest bedrooms or additional living areas in period properties throughout London’s dense streets. This can often be more cost effective than extending the house itself and is usually easier than engaging an expensive basement designer to assess whether your cellar can benefit from excavation, partial underpinning, tanking and damp proofing or tanking and damp proofing as well as drainage, lighting options, insulation requirements or electrical connections.

Specialised basement contractors London can also assist you in meeting London’s stringent building regulations for basement bedrooms, which may vary borough to borough. You will require the services of an expert to make sure that your basement development adheres to these standards – including formal design processes, party wall agreements and technical reports – as well as take care of smaller details like doors, flooring windows tiling as well as painting and decorating services provided by them.
Basement Lift Garages

If you need extra living space without being able to expand, why not build a basement beneath your garage? Often cheaper and quicker than expanding into more land, basement construction offers another avenue for increasing living space in your home.

However, when considering this option it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. Basements typically feature low ceilings – typically around 7- 8 feet – which may pose difficulties if you want to install an entertainment area like a home theater.

Car parking lifts such as Edmolift can be installed into basement car parks and subterranean storage areas to allow easy access without taking up valuable floor space. They’re an effective alternative to ramps; platform size and travel distance can be tailored specifically for heavier vehicles.
Basement Conversions

As well as assessing whether a basement conversion is feasible on your property, an experienced contractor will also inform you of all associated costs and any planning or building regulations implications – this may include underpinning costs if necessary, cellar waterproofing/tanking services, damp proofing solutions and safe heating options.

Your basement should serve both short-term and long-term goals, such as adding another bedroom, home entertainment suite or kitchenette with its own entrance which could potentially provide rental income.

If you reside in a terraced or semi-detached house, prior to starting any construction work it will likely be necessary for you and your neighbors to reach a party wall agreement. This process involves serving notices and seeking consent; so it is advisable to start this process early. Your basement contractors london should be able to assist with this and any required planning or building regulation applications.