AI Pioneer Michael Koch – An Inspiration for Tech Entrepreneurship

In the past few years, the interest in entrepreneurship has risen tremendously! People are moving away from regular 9 to 5 and are now looking for a chance to write their own destiny. But what most don’t realize is that quitting that stable job and moving to a more entrepreneurial mindset, is the exact opposite of what’s easy. The odds of success are against you.

Being an entrepreneur, you’re not just working 9 hours a day, but you’re on call all the time! Especially when you’re just starting out, you’ll find yourself not even having the time to catch a breath. You will miss birthdays, family events, friends’ weddings.  These personal sacrifices are why entrepreneurs that launch their own businesses, very few make it.

And when you talk about a highly competitive industry such as the tech and artificial intelligence realm, it’s safe to say that you’ll be working upwards of 12 hours a day. Or if you want to become more than just ordinary, 12hrs is the bare minimum.

That’s exactly what you get to see with HubKonnect CEO Michael Koch. The former star athlete and Captain of the Wake Forest University Football team, Koch is an Artificial Intelligence pioneer who’s been in the industry for over 15 years. He’s worked with numerous renowned companies including Pepsi, Google, McDonald’s, P&G, and Fed-Ex, to name a few, and has won awards throughout his career, most recently being awarded the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Machine Learning by the Business Intelligence Group.

As an entrepreneur, if there’s anyone you should look up to, it’s Michael Koch. Using his biohacking techniques, he’s tailored his life to be spartan, regimented to help him reach his ambitious goals. Where most people stop dreaming is exactly where Michael Koch’s goals begin. His revolutionary company and AI platform, HubKonnect, speaks for itself, having won the QSR Magazine’s Applied Technology Award in 2018. Moreover, he also serves as the Chairman of QSR AI Research Labs where he spends even more of his time researching and improving artificial intelligence.

And it’s all made possible by his unprecedented routine of waking up at 4am every single day. Something that most people can’t even think about, Koch does effortlessly! Not just that, taking cold baths, fasting 20hrs daily, only eating cognitive diet, grueling strength workouts, meditation/prayer, and optimization of his sleep are all a part of Michael’s normal routine.

For anyone looking to become an entrepreneur, a routine like Koch’s is what it takes to become a pioneer in your industry. There’s no 4hr work weeks in Michael Koch’s books. It’s all about staying dedicated, passionate, and consistent with what you do.

That’s how Michael Koch has come this far, and it seems to be that this is just the beginning for him. He’s a true inspiration for ever up incoming entrepreneur and someone you should model your passion and dedication after.  He knows this life is not for everyone. Just people who want to make an unforgettable mark on the world like he has.

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