Aerospace & Defense Thermoplastic Composites Market: Updated Study Offering Insights

Startview Research has launched a market research report titled ‘Aerospace & Defense Thermoplastic Composites Market’ that is compiled by leveraging findings as well as insights about the market that helps businesses to stay ahead in the competitive market. It also helps the market players in selecting targets, guide where to invest, giving users a detailed information about company profile, etc. This report provides reliable and accurate market data, that can work as the key for the growth of any business. The report estimates about future trends, challenges, linchpins, opportunities, revenue and future sales count in the target market along with forecasting for a 5-year period.

According to this report, the A&D thermoplastic composites market is highly dependent on the organic growth of aircraft industries. In 2020, the market witnessed a severe decline in the wake of the pandemic. The market is expected to witness a further decline in 2021, and then bounce back in 2022, followed by a sequential growth till 2026 and reaching an estimated US$ 465.4 million in 2026. The aerospace industry is among the worst-hit industries by the pandemic; however, its strong fundamentals, such as huge order backlogs, to rejuvenate the industry’s growth avenues in the coming years.

Market Segments’ Analysis

Stratview Research has bifurcated the Aerospace & Defense Thermoplastic Composites Market by the following –

  • Aircraft Type (Commercial Aircraft, General Aviation, Military Aircraft, and Others)
  • Resin Type (PPS Composites, PEEK Composites, PEI Composites, and Other Composites)
  • Application Type (Interior, Airframe, and Others)
  • Fiber Type (Carbon Fiber Composites and Glass Fiber Composites)
  • Process Type (Compression Molding, Injection Molding, AFP/ATL, and Others)
  • Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World).

Based on the fiber type, the market is segmented as carbon fiber composites and glass fiber composites. Carbon fiber composite is estimated to maintain its huge dominance in the market in the foreseen future. Excellent weight reduction, high strength-to-weight ratio, high tensile and compressive strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high fatigue resistance are some key advantages that drive the segments’ market. On the other hand, glass fiber composite holds a niche market with good prevalence in interior applications where it meets desired performance.

Based on the application type, the market is segmented as interior, airframe, and others. Airframe holds a giant share of the market with a good level of thermoplastic composite penetration in the application segment. Key application areas in airframe application are clips, cleats, leading edges, panels for the fuselage, shear webs, stringers, ribs, rudders, and elevators. There is also growing interest in thermoplastic composites in interiors with floor panels, brackets, profiles, and seat backs being key applications.

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