About ACID Blue Cigars

If you enjoy fine tobacco, you might avoid blends that advertise words such as “aromatic” or “flavored.” To some discerning tobacco enthusiasts, these words are turn-offs because they imply that flavor has been “introduced artificially” into a cigar. To be fair, this sometimes is the case.

But there is one name among cigars that you should know if you appreciate complex, rare, natural flavors, and it is ACID – specifically ACID Blue cigars.

Drew Estate’s ACID cigars are some of the most coveted in the industry and are noteworthy for several items that elevate them above the crowd of “flavored” cigars.

They’re Infused, Not Flavored
First and most importantly, ACID Blue cigars are not “flavored.” They are infused. Like all ACID cigars, the subtle botanical, floral, and spicy flavors are infused through a laborious process of aging and infusion that only a select few people at Drew Estate understand.

Low-quality flavored cigars are either sprayed or dipped in flavoring agents and so absorb their flavors that way. In the case of ACID cigars, they are slowly infused over an extended period of time with select botanical oils, spices, and other high-quality essential oils. The steps behind the production of these great cigars is closely guarded and Jonathan Drew himself has driven home the quality of the constituent ingredients used in the infusion process.

They’re Hand-Rolled in Nicaragua
Like all premium cigars, the cigars that tout the ACID brand are made by hand using select tobaccos and other ingredients.

At the Drew Estate factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, ACID-infused cigars are still rolled by hand using premium infused long-filler tobaccos and select wrappers. Like all quality tobacco products, this process of cherrypicking the finest ingredients and then creating the finished masterpiece by hand helps ensure quality and an unparalleled smoking experience.

ACID Blue Cigars Are Known for Their Flavors of Herbs and Spices
ACID Blue cigars are available in a number of different vitolas and are generally mild to medium-bodied cigars, with a few that are very mellow, such as the ACID Blue 1400cc and the Blondie.

They are known for their aromatic, sweet flavors. Cigars in the ACID Blue line will offer light, sweet, floral, and herbal notes, along with savors of baking spices and even a hint of vanilla. Those that appreciate smoking cigars that offer light, sweet notes will love these cigars.

They’re All Color Coded, Not Just the ACID Blue Line
The ACID Blue cigars may constitute the largest subcollection among ACID cigars, but they are not the only ones that come highly recommended. ACID also produces a number of other color-coded cigars including but not limited to:

ACID Red: Although ACID Red cigars are also mild to medium-bodied, they offer sharp, spicy flavors and are noted for their intensity.
ACID Purple: Mellow to full-bodied, ACID Purple cigars are among the line’s most complex blends, offering botanical, spicy flavors.
ACID Green: ACID Green cigars are for those that love a candela wrapper and notes of earth and hay.
ACID Orange: The ACID Orange line pairs aged tobaccos with experimental infusions to deliver rich and semi-sweet yet still balanced notes.

Where Can You Score a Great Price of Premium ACID Blue Cigars?
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