A Detailed Guide To Fix Epson Printer Error 0x97

Epson is a top printer manufacturer that doesn’t need an introduction. From producing printers outfitted with all the required features for a low price to offering user-friendly features that don’t require technical knowledge, Epson finds its place among the leading printer brands. No doubt. Epson is a fantastic printer, but it could run into some problems. A common issue that afflicts Epson clients can be Epson Printer error code 0x97.

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing the Epson printer error 0x97 and need efficient solutions, this blog is ideal for you. This blog will address the issue in greater detail and offer solutions to take action from the convenience of your home to fix this issue.

What is the Error Code 0x97 on the Epson Printer?

This Epson printer error code 0x97is a frequent problem that occurs when users use your Epson printers for a long period. This problem can occur at any time and without prior warnings or warnings and could hinder the operation of the printer.

The error message appears on the LCD screen of the printer. The issue requires immediate resolution for normal operation to resume.

Which Epson Printers Get Error Is it 0x97?

In the past, we’ve talked about the error code 0x97 on an Epson printer however is it limited to certain models of printers? The easy answer is yes. This flaw is a major opponent that is present in Epson WF-3640 (Epson 252 Ink) and WF-4630 (Epson 786 Ink) or the WF-7610 models of the Epson WorkForce Series. This issue is sure to cause printing to stop and requires urgent attention. The good thing is that it is merely the following steps to follow to solve the issue.

What is the reason Epson printer error code 0X97 Recurres?

The Epson WF-3620 printer error code is 0x97. It is usually the result of a hardware issue. It could be from an electrical short in the motherboard, or due to a defect in the other hardware components. If the error appears on the printer’s screen it is a sign of an internal issue.

If you’re having trouble with the Epson WF-3620 printer error code zero, you can breathe an exhale of relief when the next chapter discusses how to fix the Epson Printer Troubleshooting solution to solve Epson error code 0X97.

How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97

1.) Restart the Printer

To activate this process begin by deleting all printing jobs that are currently in process. Also, check for jams on the paper, and if you find any, remove them carefully. Then, remove all cables and cords, including USB or power cable. Click and hold the power icon for around one minute. After that, connect the printer and then restart it. In case Epson printing error (0x97) persists to trouble you then proceed onto the next stage.

2.) Reset Epson Device

As the first procedure, in this, you must take out all the cables, and let the printer rest for a few minutes. Hold the power icon, and while doing this, you should refasten cables into the printer. When you’re done, keep holding on to the power switch for a further minute. Do a print test to see whether the issue has been resolved or it is not.

3.) Update Firmware that is out of date

Verify for the latest version of Epson driver for your printer and If you discover they are not up-to-date make sure to update them immediately to avoid the issue of 0x97 within Epson.

4.) Wash The Print Head

A dirty or blocked print head is another possible cause of this issue. To get rid of the print head, you must:

  1. Then, remove the cartridges of ink and put them carefully on towels. After that, remove the printer head.
  2. Clean the bottom of the printing head by using a smooth area and hot water.
  3. Place the print head into the water for about 10 minutes. Make sure to first put an absorbent cloth inside the bowl. Then, place the print head onto it.
  4. Dry the print head in the air for about 15 minutes, with a clean towel. Once it is dry, put in the cartridges and print heads.

Get Instant Repair of Epson printer error code 0X97

Did you follow the above steps, but have you not been able to resolve the Epson error code 0x97 of your printer? If the answer is yes, then don’t be concerned. Just dial one of our toll-free no. and speak to an expert who will resolve the printer issue immediately.

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