6 Thanksgiving Travel Destinations That Will Make You Forget All About Turkey

Thanksgiving is a great and exciting time for your family, friends, and relatives to celebrate. It’s also a time when many travels to see the most beautiful travel destinations and places in their hometowns or elsewhere around the country. But don’t worry if you’re stuck with cooking this year! Here are five destinations that will make any traveler forget all about turkey (or at least until next year):

These Travel destinations are perfect for foodies and travelers who want to enjoy more than turkey this Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking to escape turkey and all its trappings, these destinations are perfect for foodies and travelers who want to enjoy more than turkey this Thanksgiving.

  • New York City: With so many options for brunch, dinner, and dessert in the Big Apple, a meal out won’t be complicated. From artisanal pizzas at Granny Takes 5 (Brunch) or The Union Square Cafe to classic French cuisine at Le Bernardin or Daniel (Dinner), there are plenty of places where you can dine like royalty without leaving town. If you need some inspiration for what to eat when traveling abroad next year, then take this opportunity to explore one of the most iconic cities in America!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry in New Orleans

New Orleans is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a place to get in touch with your inner holiday spirit. The city’s rich history and unique culture make for a great base to explore all these Southern city offers.

  • Eat: You’ll want to start off with some Mardi Gras beads! These colorful decorations are hand-made by local artists and can be found throughout the French Quarter. If you’re feeling really festive, hit up one of the many parades around town during Mardi Gras season—they’re full of music, dancing, costumes, and more!
  • Drink: There are hundreds of bars in New Orleans; if you have time before or after dinner (or both!), it might be fun to wander around trying out different ones until something catches your eye! We also recommend stopping by Foam at Mid-City Center, where they serve delicious brunch drinks while they wait tables behind their countertop bar area next door – this place has been open since 1979, so there’s no doubt about its authenticity!

A Romantic Getaway in Napa

Napa is a great place to visit during the holidays, especially if you’re looking for a romantic getaway. It’s home to some of the best foodies in America and wine lovers. If you love hiking or golfing, this is the perfect destination!

Partner enjoys cooking and drinking wine, then Napa might be their dream destination too!

Discover the Local Culture of Honolulu

If you’re looking for a one of the great travel destinations to get away from the hustle and bustle of America to connect with nature and experience some culture, consider Hawaii.

Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures but has a rich history and culture. The archipelago was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1778, and since then, people have been coming here to explore its beautiful beaches and scenery.

Mathis island has food options on this islpoke bowls at Haleiwa Poke Company or grilled chicken wraps from Honolulu Coffee Company (which also serves coffee). You can find fresh seafood near Waikiki Beach as well!

A True Fall Travel Destination in Montreal

Montreal is an ideal option if you’re looking to get away from the cold and enjoy some fall weather. With beautiful fall days and a good selection of events, this city has plenty to offer. You can visit museums or art galleries there—or take in some baseball games at Olympic Stadium!

What is the best way to experience all that Montreal has to offer? By taking advantage of its numerous activities. Whether you want something active like hiking through the woods or relaxing on one of its many beaches (there are lots), there’s something here for everyone who wants an adventure!

The True Meaning of a Beach Getaway in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an excellent choice for a beach getaway. The island has beautiful beaches, and you can do many activities on them. There are also many restaurants and bars you can eat or relax in while you watch thwatchingoll in.

If you want to stay in hotels, then Puerto Rico has plenty of options for that as well! There are many hotels all over this island with different styles and prices, so it should be easy for anyone who wants to visit Puerto Rico during their Thanksgiving break!

See Something You’ve Never Seen Before in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia, known for its modernity and high population density. It’s also known as the home of hot dogs made with pork and beef sausages. If you want to try something new on Thanksgiving Day, consider visiting Singapore!

Singapore has many things to do besides visiting its famous restaurants and shopping centers. You can learn more about the country’s history or marvel at some of its tallest buildings while taking a hike up Mount Faber (or climbing any other mountain you want).

Although you may be limited to traveling by car this year, these travel destinations will make every mile worth it.

Although you may be limited to traveling by car this year, these destinations will make every mile worth it.

  • The United States: Los Angeles and San Francisco in California; New Orleans and Lake Charles in Louisiana; St. Louis and Kansas City in Missouri; Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston (in Massachusetts). In addition to the famous sights of New York City, many other areas have been named “America’s Favorite Place” by TripAdvisor users, like Savannah or Charleston, SC which are great for exploring at your own pace with family or friends!
  • Canada: Vancouver, BC & Victoria, BC, where you can enjoy a variety of activities, including hiking outdoors during the summer months while enjoying wine-tasting tours during the winter months


In conclusion, if you’re looking to travel for Thanksgiving but don’t want to deal with the hassle of turkey, consider one of these six travel destinations. From luxurious resorts to charming small towns, there’s something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for a Thanksgiving you’ll never forget.