6 Benefits of Dental Implants You Should Know

From the moment we all started growing teeth as children, we’ve been taught to take good care of our teeth. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouth wash are all the basics of maintaining good oral health outside of dentist visits and getting into that routine was fairly easy as a child, as our parents made sure we at least brushed. However, once you hit adulthood, and for many, once you were no longer part of your parent’s dental insurance, maintaining good oral health became a little more difficult. 

As adults, there are many reasons why we neglect our dental health. Things like fear, lack of insurance, and lack of time all play major roles in why our mouths are not as healthy as they could be. Unfortunately, regardless of why your oral health has declined, it puts your mouth at risk of deterioration.  

Things like broken, missing, or decayed teeth are often the result of neglecting your oral health (among other potential issues). When you start to experience these issues and they’re beyond repair, that’s when Dental Implants are the solution to restore your smile and overall oral health. 

What is a Dental Implant? 

A dental implant is a replacement tooth made to resemble your entire tooth structure with state-of-the-art dental implant technology. A small titanium screw or “root” is designed to fuse into your jawbone to secure a dental crown or bridge, or a denture. This procedure is designed to not only act as a real tooth but also look and feel like one as well. 

Dental Implant Process Timeframe 

One thing to note about dental implants is that the dental implant process is one that is completed over a series of months. This is because there are dental health checks that need to be conducted first for the implant(s) to be successful. Before implants are placed, you’ll be examined for bone grafts, extractions, and gum disease. Depending on the pre-existing dental conditions you have, it can involve multiple appointments and lengthy healing times. So, it’s important to understand that the process is not a quick one. However, the benefits of dental implants drastically outweigh the process timeframe.  

Below, you’ll find 6 benefits of dental implants that will be worth your consideration if you have missing, broken, or decayed teeth that are well beyond repair and replacement is the only option. 

A Confident Smile 

A confident smile is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of dental implants, especially when you have missing, broken, or decaying teeth. Those issues cause many to try to hide their smiles and avoid talking to people. With dental implants, you’ll no longer feel the need to hide your smile and can smile with complete confidence

Can Last Your Lifetime 

Certain dental procedures tend to have a somewhat of a “shelf life.” For instance, dental bridges can last around 10 years, whereas dental implants can last your entire lifetime when you take care of them. The implant is not only made from titanium and placed directly in the jawbone, but it’s also biocompatible, so your body won’t reject it. 

Prevents Gum Disease 

When you have a missing tooth gap, it can act as a trap for food and bacteria that can cause gum disease. By filling missing tooth areas with dental implants, the chances of gum disease are reduced. 

Prevents Bone Loss 

The area where there are no teeth, the jawbone in that area deteriorates because there is no stimulation. If no implant is placed in that area within one year of losing a tooth, that jawbone area will lose 25 percent of its volume. Bone loss will continue over the years if that area isn’t properly treated.

Improved Speech 

One thing about missing teeth, even dentures, is the fact that it can change the way you speak and sound. What many do not realize is the fact that tooth gaps can cause you to lisp when speaking and dentures can move around in your mouth when speaking. With dental implants in place, you’ll be able to speak as you normally would with your natural teeth, whether your dental implant is topped with a crown or if it’s there to support dentures.

Prevents Further Tooth Loss 

The teeth in your mouth are held in place by their roots, as well as surrounding teeth. So, when you have a tooth missing, it can cause your surrounding teeth to lean towards the space where your tooth is missing and cause your other teeth to become loose. 

Smile Dental Group offers comprehensive, complete care for the planning and placement of dental implants from start to finish. Through the latest in dental implant technology, we’re able to create the smile of your dreams, not only restoring your overall dental health, but also rejuvenating the appearance of your smile. To learn more about dental implants and our implant process, contact us at one of our three locations. 

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