5 Tips To Store Your Make Up Brushes

Makeup Brushes are important tools that you need to have especially for those who have a passion in doing make up. From large powder brushes up to the tiniest eyeliner brush, these things help in creating different looks on your face. As your collection starts growing and growing, there are a lot of ways where you can store these brushes so that they will be able to last longer and maintain their quality.


1. Make Sure That Your Brushes Are Clean

Cleaning your brushes regularly helps maintain their quality as well as prevent any infections. After cleaning your brushes, allow them to dry with the brushes facing down. This way, the water won’t seep into the barrel which might cause the glue to loosen. You wouldn’t want the brush hairs to fall out.

2. Look For Adorable Containers in Different Sizes

If you have a makeup vanity table, you can display your clean brushes in different containers. Try to separate your brushes in different sizes and function. For example, place your large face brushes in a large container, and then your eye brushes in a smaller one. Try to look for containers that accentuates with the theme of your room so that everything will look flawless and amazing.

3. Use a Separate Container For Brushes That You Don’t Use Often

Place brushes in another container and never mix them with your eye shadows, blushes, or lipsticks. These products might stain your brushes. Also, clean them every 3 weeks in order to prevent any infection.

4. Keep Them Out Of Direct Sunlight

Once exposed to sunlight, brushes tend to get worn down which will eventually make them unusable. Also, it’s not advisable to store them in the bathroom because the moisture can be absorbed into the fibers. This will become a breeding ground for bacteria which will then result to infection.

5. Use a Roll Up Make Up Bag When You Travel

A brush bag can conveniently store your favorite blushes especially when you are traveling. They have different sized compartments that can fit different kinds of brushes. You can get these bags individually or you can get those that come in sets.

Taking great care of your brushes can definitely help them last longer and in good condition. Wash your brushes regularly and always ensure that they are fully dry before storing them. In this way, you will be able to enjoy using them for years and years.

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