5 Reasons You Should Add French Provincial Mirrors to Your Interiors

Whether you live in the country or the city, if you do French country style well, you’ll always feel like the Provence environment is just outside your door.

Nothing beats the charm of a genuine French provincial style of decor. It’s both elegant and simple. Its beauty is the result of a variety of influences over time, which is why they’re very popular with so many people today.

If you want an interior that’s elegant, stylish, and rustic, this style is the way to go. One way you can add charm and elegance to your home is through French provincial mirrors.

Below are some reasons why you should consider getting one for your home today.

1. Statement Piece
What could be more dramatic and beautiful than a French-style mirror? You can place it anywhere in your house and make it a focal point of a room.

When your guests walk into that room, your statement piece mirror will not only draw attention to itself but also your love of French style.

Statement pieces are a reflection of you and your home. So if you love the French provincial style, it’s the perfect way to show how it through your interior decor.

The tone of your room and home is also set by statement pieces. So, whether it’s antique or reproduction, a French-style mirror will set the perfect ambiance to your home with little to no effort on your part.

2. French Flair
If you need a little French flair, vintage or antique French mirror can do the job. You may radically change and personalize rooms with an oval French gilt mirror or a large rectangular French beveled mirror with floral elaborate carvings.

French mirrors offer a touch of fairy tale elegance to any room or part of a house.

3. Glam-Up Walls
Whether in entrance halls, living rooms, dining rooms, stairways, and even kitchens, French mirrors are the ultimate decorative element to increase the glam factor on any wall.

You can hang them for dramatic visual effect, or place a massive gigantic antique French mirror on the floor for an instant wow factor.

4. Blend Easily
French mirrors are versatile in that they may fit into a variety of decor designs. Whether it’s oval or square, decorated with simple or complex patterns, they go well with any background. They also have the added benefit of making any room look stately and charming at the same time.

5. Enlarge Small Spaces
If you have a small space, mirrors make for perfect decor. Whether you choose a tall or a small vintage French floor or wall mirror, it will make your room feel spacious.

Of course, all kinds of mirrors can make a room look bigger through the reflection they provide, but the right kind of antique mirror can offer you a cozy and elegant atmosphere they help create.

Ready to Decorate?
From the graceful curved lines to the gorgeous floral motifs, there is so much to admire in French Provincial furniture.

French Provincial mirrors are an excellent place to start when looking for a piece of furniture or decor that will genuinely add a touch of charm to any area of your house. Their gilded frames and charming craftsmanship can help you create a more elegant and charming space.

So if you’re ready to buy French country-style mirrors, visit Eloquence®. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for understated elegance, simplicity, and charm in your furniture. They are the best source for handcrafted reproductions and antique furniture inspired by French and European design.

Check out their beautiful collections and get the French provincial look today!

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