Overview of Dream99 crab gourd
When starting to learn a game, you need to learn the concepts of that game to understand the basics and then learn how to play. The concept, origin and description of Dream99 crab gourd will be presented below: dream99

Concept of Dream99 crab gourd
Dream99 Bau Cua is a folk game of our country and is often played on major holidays, New Year or gatherings of many people. This is a highly entertaining and thrilling game, very popular in Vietnam from ancient times to today.

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Where is the origin of crab gourd?
The origin of the crab game is from China and then spread and became popular in many different countries. Of course, the name of this game is also different in each country.

In particular, house Dream99 is very concerned about your conditions. The crab game was developed for the convenience of players, so they can satisfy their passion anywhere, anytime. Therefore, the online crab game is currently quite popular and sought after by many people.

Description of Dream99 crab gourd
In the game Bau Cua Dream99 there will be 3 dice, however the difference here is that the 6 sides of the dice will be 6 shapes: Gourd, crab, fish, chicken, deer and shrimp. These 3 dice will be covered in a set of dishes, so the player will not be able to guess what shape will appear. If anyone guesses correctly, that player will win and bring home a reward.

Dream99 Bau Cua game rules you need to know
Dream99 crab game rules are quite simple and easy to understand. If you are a beginner, just observe for a few minutes and you can play right away. Here's how to play Bau Cua Dream99:

First, the dealer will roll 3 dice on the dishes. The 6 sides of the dice correspond to the 6 pictures on the betting table.
Next, the Dealer will start shaking. Players will place bets within 20 seconds. You can bet on 1 picture or multiple pictures depending on your preference or whether you think that picture will come out.
When the dealer opens the bowl, 3 pictures will appear in the bowl. If the player bets on the same picture in the bowl, it means he has won. The dealer will quickly pay the prize to you.
The bonus will be calculated according to the bet amount multiplied by the winning rate set by the house. This way of playing is simple but helps players have a higher reward rate than other traditional games. The reward rate at Dream99 is also quite high:
Tips for playing Bau Cua Dream99 to win easily
When playing the game Bau Cua, luck accounts for a large proportion. However, veteran players will not rely entirely on that factor, they will have their own tips. Here are some experiences drawn from previous players that will be useful to you:

Bet on the majority
If you feel not confident with your judgment. Find out how your fellow players bet.

Any box with many people betting will be quite safe and the odds of winning are quite high. However, that cannot be completely certain, you should be more careful.

Set capacitors often appear
Observe many consecutive games to see which card appears the most times. Next time you will bet on that hand. When a cluster appears many times, there is a high probability that that cluster will appear next. This helps you bring in bonuses for yourself.

Keep yourself calm
Regardless of any game, psychology is extremely important. You must always keep your mood stable. Don't lose confidence or become discouraged because of losing a bet. This easily makes you lose focus for the next games, reducing your probability of winning


Overall, the game Bau Cua Dream99 is quite simple, right? Quickly access Dream99 to play the game right away and bring home rewards. Wishing you fun playing the game and good luck. See you in the next articles!