15 Exciting Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

The holiday season is right around the corner, and we can feel the excitement building up. However, we all know that the times have changed now, and hosting parties with your friends, family, and employees are not possible anymore. Even though the restrictions are lifted and there’s a tiny ray of hope, indicating we might be able to host closed parties, it is still impossible to invite our close ones from across cities, states, and countries. Still, there is no reason to be upset, as hosting a virtual holiday party is now easily possible.

You can organize amazing get-togethers and fun parties with all your guests in a single virtual room, integrated with exciting engagement and interactive tools. In this blog, we will walk you through the best virtual holiday party ideas to help you host a fun party.

What is a Virtual Holiday Party?

Virtual holiday parties are online celebrations of different holiday occasions where you can gather with your friends, family, and teammates to spend a fun time. With the help of the best virtual holiday party ideas, you can ensure the success of your virtual party as well as make the most out of it. You can get in touch with different virtual event platforms and choose the one that suits you the best for your virtual party requirements. A virtual venue is well-equipped with top-grade engaging and interactive opportunities to enhance your virtual holiday party.

Top Ideas to Host A Memorable Virtual Holiday Party

#1 Send Attractive Invites

Create captivating virtual holiday party invites to entice your attendees into attending the event. You can also enhance the efficacy of your invite by adding a few more elements to it. For example, you can send the virtual holiday party games and activities details to raise the excitement.

#2 Virtual Holiday Party Bingo

Bingo is a classic icebreaker to get your online party going. You can add this game to any kind of virtual event by enhancing the game according to your party theme. It will also get the interaction going at your virtual party.

#3 Send Holiday Gifts and Presents

Be it your friends, family, or employees, sending gifts can always be a good idea to encourage and enthral your participants. Send these gifts before the event day to maximize the holiday spirit.

#4 The Naughty List

The naughty list is a fun game to begin your virtual holiday party as an ice-breaking activity. Add a hint of holiday to this game by mentioning statements related to the theme of the holiday. For example, you can include questions related to Christmas like- Pretended to like a gift, Got knocked over a Christmas tree, etc.

How to play The Naughty List-

Step 1) Ask your friends to hold up ten fingers.

Step 2) Start sharing the holiday-themed list.

Step 3) Ask your participants to put one finger down when the statement applies.

Step 4) After the tenth statement, check who has the most fingers still up.

Step 5) The one with the most fingers up, wins the game.

#5 Play Holiday Heist

Holiday Heist is a 90-minute long problem-solving game where the teams of your attendees must find out who stole the recipe before the biggest holiday party. Your attendees will not only get to solve fun puzzles but also have an opportunity to learn about holiday traditions.

#6 Virtual Holiday Costume Contest

The biggest drawback of not being able to attend on-site parties is that you don’t get to dress up anymore. But not anymore! Add more fun to your virtual holiday party and ask your attendees to come to the virtual party all dressed up. You can also add a session dedicated to a costume contest to enhance the enjoyment.

#7 Virtual Holiday Happy Hour

Gone are those days when you would get to attend exciting happy hour events. And so, organizing a virtual happy hour event can be a great virtual holiday party idea. Get together with your teammates virtually and sip up the drinks together.

#8 Virtual Holiday Photo Booth

Who doesn’t like to capture moments at a party! Whether you are hosting a virtual holiday party for employees or friends, a virtual photo booth is applicable for all types of parties. Ask the virtual event platform to create a well-designed photo booth for your virtual party.

#9 Tradition or Not?

Tradition or not is a fun game you can play at the party. Incorporating this game at your virtual party will not only keep your attendees engaged but also help them explore the holiday traditions. It is an exciting game that can keep your attendees enthralled in the event.

#10 Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt is one of the most famous virtual games for all types of virtual events. Then why not include it in our list of virtual party ideas? Just like other fun games, you can theme up the scavenger hunt game too. Ask your attendees to find out holiday or occasion-related items, and the one who finds the most wins the game. For example, Christmas print lowers, bells, tree toppers, pom-pom hats, gift cards, etc.

#11 Virtual Holiday Trivia

A virtual party is incomplete without a trivia game. It not only gears up the fun and interaction but also makes your party more interesting. To play this game, prepare your questions related to the party theme or occasion, make teams of your participants, and get the fun going.

#12 Name that Song

Name that song is an interesting game that turns up the excitement of your attendees almost instantly. Ask your participants to hum the tune or sing the song while muting the call, and let the rest of your attendees guess it.

#13 Virtual Movie Night

Is a holiday party even a party if you don’t watch holiday movies with your friends, family, and teammates? Absolutely not! So ask your virtual event platform provider to live stream a holiday movie like The Knight Before Christmas, Home Alone, Klaus, etc.

#14 Most Likely to…?

‘Most likely to..’ is yet another virtual party game to enhance the experience at your online event. However, like every other game and activity, give this game a holiday twist as well. Ask questions related to the virtual holiday party theme and keep the celebration going.

#15 Virtual Dance Party!

The real vibe of any party is in dancing the night out, isn’t it? Therefore, organize a session or dedicate a time slot where all you have to do is connect your devices to loudspeakers, and enjoy the same music with all your teammates and friends.

Become the Santa to your guests and host a memorable virtual holiday party! Get in touch with Dreamcast to efficiently execute the ideas mentioned above and ensure a successful online party for you.

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