How to Decorate a Wedding Car

The bridal vehicle has two purposes: it transports the bride to the ceremony. It serves as a visible notification of her presence and as the “getaway car” after the celebration. Because the wedding and the getaway vehicle are such vital components of the wedding, it’s no surprise that the best man, who is typically responsible for decorating the getaway car, pays special attention to the wedding car decorations.

A DIY-inclined couple or the best man at a friend’s upcoming wedding may look for unique methods to personalize the wedding car. To save you time and effort, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most inventive and gorgeous wedding car decorating ideas. If you want to adorn the car, Wedding Car Services in UK are highly suggested.In addition, the decorations for the bridal car have been divided into two categories: those for the hood and those for the trunk. As a result, you’ll be able to personalize your wedding decorations to represent your taste quickly.

Wedding car decoration Ideas

Floral Heart-Centerpiece

A charming and exciting alternative to the typical vase arrangement is a heart-shaped floral arrangement made using the bride’s favorite flowers. A substantial floral arrangement is customarily placed on the front bonnet of the bridal car. To comply with the general concept, choose flowers that are part of the bride’s bouquet or match the wedding’s color scheme.

Green wreaths

Are you looking for something with a bit more of a woodland theme? Greenery wreaths are a unique and lovely way to dress up wedding automobiles, and they’re especially appropriate for boho chic, nature-themed, and rustic weddings. Instead of flowers, evergreen vegetation such as rosemary, pine, myrtle, and lemon leaf can be used to construct a wreath.

Tulle Covers

Regarding wedding car decorations, tulle is a lovely and subtle option. Drape the tulle over the car’s hood and tie it with ribbons. You may build a tulle arrangement that is just as lovely as using flowers. Tulle is a light fabric that can easily be blown away by the wind while driving, so make sure they’re secured to the vehicle before leaving.

Flower Rows or Garlands

To bring attention to the front of the car, create a flower row or garland that goes around the whole bumper. The combination of wildflowers, berries, and lush vegetation creates a gorgeous rustic design. For classic wedding cars you can hire modern wedding cars like the Maserati Quattroporte or the Beauford Open Tourer, elegant flower row decorations are required.

Minimalist bouquets

Do you think the bride and groom would appreciate it if their car received much attention on their way to the ceremony? You may place a few simple flower bouquets on the front seat or tie smaller arrangements to the side mirrors. For a less complicated structure, use single-colored, dazzling flowers, or opt for darker tones like red roses and burgundy peonies for a more spectacular appearance.

Car Plates Just Married

Personalized license plates have become more popular among individuals who appreciate uniqueness. Why not get a customized license plate to remember your wedding? The wedding date, both names, and the phrase “Just Married” should all be included. The license plate can be kept as souvenirs and used as house décor after the wedding.

Celebration Banner

One of the most accessible options for bridal car decorations is celebratory banners, which may be printed and hand-made by the best man or anyone eager to help beautify the send-off wedding automobile. Printing one on fancy paper, putting it together, and hanging it up is all it takes to make a “Just Married” banner. Add a couple of miniature floral bouquets or balloons to the bridal vehicle boot for a more ornate look.

Rear Window Decals

You don’t know if the wedding day will be rainy, and you don’t want to risk other wedding vehicle decorations. A sophisticated read window sticker is a quick, easy, and impenetrable solution. It’s a sure success to have a designer make a nice window sticker with the couple’s names, wedding dates, and a hilarious remark about being married. All you’ll need on the wedding day is a couple of extra hands to stick it to the back window.

Ribbon-adorned tin cans

Empty cans are frequently attached to the trunk of the getaway vehicle during traditional weddings. The origins of this practice are shrouded in folklore, but it aims to safeguard the happy couple from disaster as they leave their wedding celebration. The traditional menu for bridal vehicle decorations is tin cans and ribbons. You may add personal touches to the cans to make them look less harsh.


Balloons are a must-have for every celebration. Balloons, which have been a part of every celebration since we were children, can be affixed to the ribbons and streamers on the wedding vehicle for a whimsical and carefree air. With balloons on strings connected to the trunk, the newlyweds may drive out into the night with a flourish.

Wooden signs are painted or carved.

A hand-painted or carved wooden “Just Married” sign may be appropriate for weddings with a rustic, camping, or fairytale/fantasy theme. Either hire a woodcarver to produce a one-of-a-kind wedding sign or make one yourself and preserve it as a souvenir. As you paint a wooden banner to send farewell to the happy newlyweds, feel free to let your creativity go wild.

Just-Married Sash

A “Just Married” ribbon draped over the trunk is a terrific alternative if you feel the bride and groom would appreciate an understated and classy adornment for their getaway car after the wedding. Stick to black and white and blocky letters for an understated design.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers or origami centerpieces are a lovely and environmentally responsible way to beautify the wedding car. For a stylish, modest aesthetic, fill the trunk of the bridal car with little paper flowers. Professional craftspeople can make paper flowers with the help of groomsmen, bridesmaids, or the group. It’s a fantastic technique to bind the group together.


Almost every newlywed couple wants something unique and memorable to commemorate the end of their reception night and the start of their lives together as husband and wife. With these imaginative wedding vehicle decorations, you can make a memorable getaway. If you’re the best man and need some ideas for decorating the wedding car, we hope we’ve given you some options to consider.

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