Zendesk Chat vs Intercom Which One Should You Use?

Intercom vs Zendesk Why HubSpot is the Best Alternative

intercom and zendesk

For support teams, ensuring that agents are on the same page is an essential part of the customer experience. A lot can be gleaned from a customer support tool’s ticketing features. These features help support reps manage and organize support requests and ongoing communications so they are vital tools that will be used every day. While both tools offer top-of-field feature sets that can simplify your customer support processes dramatically, identifying which is right for you can take time and effort. Further, if companies plan to create multi-channel makes a great fit. However, customers should keep in mind that Intercom does not offer voice.

intercom and zendesk

It’s much easier if you decide to go with the Zendesk Suite, which includes Support, Chat, Talk, and Guide tools. There are two options there — Professional for $109 or Enterprise for $179 if you pay monthly. The difference between the two is that the Professional subscription lacks some things like chat widget unbranding, custom agent roles, multiple help centers, etc.

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In the domain of customer onboarding, Intercom takes a definitive lead with its distinctive feature – the ability to create interactive product tours. These tours serve as virtual guides, leading customers through a website and product offerings in an engaging and personalized manner. This approach not only enhances user understanding but also significantly boosts user engagement. While Zendesk is a widely used and versatile customer support and engagement platform, it’s important to consider whether there might be a better software solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • Unito supports dozens of integrations, with more being added monthly.
  • Seamlessly integrate Intercom with popular third-party tools and platforms, centralizing customer data and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Being my first time dealing with a migration, they were very patient with me as I guided myself through the process of migrating data.
  • Zendesk would be a perfect option for businesses that are searching for a well-integrated support system.
  • Intercom’s app store has popular integrations for things like WhatsApp, Stripe, Instagram, and Slack.

Zendesk’s user face is quite intuitive and easy to use, allowing customers to quickly find what they are looking for. Additionally, the platform allows users to customize their experience by setting up automation workflows, creating ticket rules, and utilizing analytics. Zendesk offers a free 30-day trial, after which customers will need to upgrade to one of their paid plans. The Intercom versus Zendesk conundrum is probably the greatest problem in the customer service software world. They both offer some state-of-the-art core functionality and numerous unusual features. You can create articles, share them internally, group them for users, and assign them as responses for bots—all pretty standard fare.

Connect to your ecosystem of data sources

And considering how appropriate Zendesk is for larger companies, there’s a good chance you may need to take them up on that. Skyvia offers you a convenient and easy way to connect Intercom and Zendesk with no coding. Send surveys at key points throughout the customer buying cycle, utilizing multiple types of question formats.

intercom and zendesk

When it comes to customer support software, Zendesk is #1 in popularity and brand recognition. The top products based on usability and customer satisfaction, as rated by user reviews. Don’t miss out on the latest tips, tools, and tactics at the forefront of customer support. With Skyvia you can integrate Intercom with Zendesk in a number of ways.

Can I install Intercom to talk to customers on my mobile app?

The more data you have, the longer it will take to transfer it from Zendesk to Intercom. This is because Zendesk has rate limits on how many records can be accessed or transferred per minute or hour. The rate limits also depend on what type of licensing plan you have with Zendesk. For example, an Enterprise plan will allow you to transfer your data at a faster rate than a Professional plan. It can help you to reach out to customers and help them complete purchases. They do have a ton of similarities, but recognizing the differences may help you to make the crucial decision about which one to use for your business.


With Help Desk Migration service, you can simply import and export large amount of different records entities to or from Intercom to Zendesk. Examine the details of data types you can migrate incorporating automation service without extra assistance from tech service reps. Select the most suitable time to start the help desk migration workflow.

Use Autopilot to automate and integrate Intercom and Zendesk.

The customer service reps I talked to were very helpful during the entire process. The Migration Wizard will includes measure for ensuring your data security during all phases of the migration process. To provide the utmost guard of your support service records whether they are in import or at rest, we apply valid runthrough. Here is contained handling frequent security analysis, keeping our servers guarded, obeying several commands, and more. Zendesk also offers a sales pipeline feature through its Zendesk Sell product. You can set up email sequences that specify how and when leads and contacts are engaged.

intercom and zendesk

Once you add them all to the picture, their existing plans can turn out to be quite expensive. Zendesk has also introduced its chatbot to help its clients send automated answers to some frequently asked questions to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. What’s more, it helps its clients build an integrated community forum and help center to improve the support experience in real-time. After this live chat software comparison, you’ll get a better picture of what’s better for your business.

Intercom + Zendesk Integration

It’s also more exclusively focused on providing help support, whereas Intercom sometimes moonlights as being part-time sales. The result is that Zendesk generally wins on ratings when it comes to support capacity. And if you want to invest in making more sales and conversions with your help desk software, it may be worth it to put some money into Intercom for its uniquely conversational approach to front desk help. Skyvia’s import supports all DML operations, including UPDATE and DELETE. This allows using import to perform mass update operations or mass deleting data, matching some condition.

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How easy it is to program a chatbot and how effective a chatbot is at assisting human reps is an important factor for this category. We have already mentioned several times above how chat tools are one of the main ways that customers can reach out to a help desk or support team, but let us delve deeper into advanced chat widget features. When comparing the cost of Intercom to Zendesk, it’s important to consider the pricing structures and potential variations based on your specific customer support and engagement needs. Zendesk has an app available for both Android and iOS, which makes it easy to stay connected with customers while on the go. The app includes features like push notifications and real-time customer engagement — so businesses can respond quickly to customer inquiries. Intercom has a wider range of uses out of the box than Zendesk, though by adding Zendesk Sell, you could more than make up for it.

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