Yunmiquan first defines the high-end: behind the black water purification technology is the technological strength that leads the industry

Deploying whole-house appliances, opening up the smart ecology, and shaping the trend of technology. In recent years, Yunmi Technology has been promoting the intelligent transformation of the traditional home appliance industry frequently, bringing a series of innovative products to the industry: from 5G large-screen refrigerators to fresh air washing The strength of the Internet home appliance technology brand can be seen from new species such as a drying machine, a sweeping and dragging robot with automatic dust collection, and a global air conditioner .

  This brand that has entered the market with water purifiers has completed a full-category, high-end layout. The original strategic advancement and industrial bridgehead—the water purifier business has not been ignored, but has been promoted by a new round of technological innovation. Upgrading the industry to a new height. Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS and Amazon Discount Code

  Since its establishment, Yunmi has made drastic reforms and innovations to the water purification industry products: from the world’s first integrated water system, the first AI water purifier, the innovation and invention of a clean and drinking integrated category, the first swirling and hot water system, and To the world’s first AI mineral adjustable water purifier ERO, it almost lifted the industry to a new height with one’s own efforts. Behind the industry’s reputation of “reinventing the water purifier”, the refraction is the epitome of an era when a company is standing at the forefront of the industry: updating users’ established cognition of relatively traditional durable goods that rely heavily on installation, forming today’s convenient installation and excellent smart experience New impression of “consumer electronics”.

On the first anniversary of the first release of the high-end brand-Yunmiquan, Yunmi launched its efforts in the high-throughput water purifier market, taking the new product of Yunmi·Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro 1200G under-kitchen water purifier as its new product, rushing to market. The high-throughput market has launched a new wave of product awareness in the water purifier industry!

Fill a glass of water in three seconds, the first double RO subversive experience

  As a professional sub-brand of Yunmi’s “Quanxian” water purifier, although it has been established less than a year ago, the Quanxian Super Series 1200G ultra-large flux water purifier has achieved great success in user reputation and market sales. At its root, behind the performance of the hard-core parameters are Yunmi’s technology and innovation strength in leading the industry.

  The water output speed of the water purifier has always been one of the biggest pain points that restrict the user experience. The traditional under-kitchen water purifier has slow water output, high waste water ratio, and the water storage bucket is also at risk of pollution. In contrast, the Yunmi Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro has reached a large throughput of 1200G and a water production speed of 4.2L/min. It only takes 3 seconds to fill a glass of water. This efficiency greatly meets almost all drinking water needs of users.

  Technical innovation is inseparable behind improving user experience. It is understood that most of the direct drinking water purifiers on the market use a single RO filter element configuration. Although the filtration performance is acceptable, it will produce more waste water; after a period of use, it is prone to fouling, resulting in a decrease in flow rate. The problem of slow water flow. Yunmi·Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro1200G adopts dual-flux series RO design. At the same time, it is equipped with innovative RO anti-clogging separation technology, which diverts some impurities through the secondary RO filter element, reduces the pressure of the main filter element, and protects the main filter element, so that the performance of the main RO filter element does not degrade. With the blessing of this black technology, Yunmi Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro 1200G has a pure wastewater ratio of 5:1 and a water production rate of 76%, exceeding the national level 1 water efficiency standard. Compared with ordinary water purifiers, the waste water ratio is increased by 5 times.  Shop now using Amazon NHS Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code At Amazon Discount Code

Hard-core performance is fully upgraded, redefining the flagship high-end

  Real brands often have their own unique value propositions. Brands have their own distinct attitudes to attract users with the same values ​​in a highly competitive market. Today, Quanxian has become synonymous with high-end water purifiers. The aim is that the innovative application of dual RO technology will not only bring fast enough water and lower waste water ratio, but also product innovation in all aspects.

  The first is the 8-year long-lasting filter element. The fouling problem solved by the “double RO technology” can greatly reduce the attenuation speed of the filter element. The child RO protects the mother RO effectively reducing the fouling of the mother RO filter element. The innovative 9-page membrane filtration has a larger area and more flux than the 5-page membrane. The lifespan is also longer. Combined with the RO anti-clogging separation technology, it can achieve 8 years of long-term effect without attenuation, and still maintain a longer lifespan under the condition that the flux remains unchanged.

  The second is to save money. “Dual RO technology” means saving more cost for later core replacement for users. Generally speaking, the cost of replacing the core of a traditional water purifier with a 600G flux in 8 years may exceed 5,000 yuan. And Yunmi Quanxian AI Water Purifier SuperPro 1200G has the long-lasting filter element technology, and the replacement cost is reduced to a minimum. On average, it is less than 1 yuan per day, which is equivalent to not having enough money to buy a bottle of purified water for the whole family to drink. Pure water all day long. You can submit your guest post article at Write for us

  The third is more fresh. During the use of ordinary water purifiers, stale water will accumulate, and at the same time, the filtering speed is slow, and the drinking water is not fresh. Yunmi·Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro1200G pioneered filter element flushing technology. When used, the purified water will flow back to the front of the RO membrane to flush bacteria, heavy metals and other residues, so that there is no stale water, and you can drink it every time you turn on the faucet. Fresh and good water.

  It is worth mentioning that the Yunmi Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro1200G filtration system has reached level 8, and the RO reverse osmosis membrane has a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns, which can not only remove residual chlorine, organic matter and heavy metals in the tap water. Impurities can also effectively filter out up to 99.99% of the bacteria in the water, so that the water quality can reach a higher degree of purity, and the elderly and babies with weaker resistance can drink with confidence.

  The fourth is to be quieter. Traditional large flux commonly used three-compartment water purifier pump drive , so that the filter membrane pressure Single large, also a loud noise during operation. The Yunmi Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro1200G uses a small pump to drive a two-stage RO filter element, which not only reduces the pressure at the front of the membrane, but also lowers the noise of the whole machine. The newly designed four-chamber double RO water pump drive is not only lower in power, but also less jittery. It releases surging pure water while achieving low-noise operation. Even if it is used at night, there is no worry that it will disturb the rest of the family.

The smart experience is upgraded again, and the whole house’s home appliances are interoperable

  As the pioneer of Internet appliances in the whole house, intelligence is also fully reflected in the Yunmi·Quanxian AI water purifier SuperPro 1200G water purifier. Previously acclaimed smart faucet design, the first cloud-meter spring water purifier SuperPro1200G in AI primordia on the basis and achieve a further upgrade: not only retains the real-time water quality blue light orange light of reminders, while still on tap The OLED screen display function is added, and the water quality changes can be grasped at any time.

  At the same time, it is also equipped with a multi-dimensional AI monitoring system, which can be used for smart monitoring and reminding of mobile phone APP, and promptly remind users when encountering abnormal work or insufficient filter life. In addition to these, the slim body design also makes it more adaptable to the kitchen environment of different families.

  From the perspective of the industry, every innovation and iteration of Yunmi water purifier can lead the development and trend of the industry, and even cause extensive discussions in the industry. As a “vanguard” in opening up the high-end water purifier market, Quanxian made a small step to innovate, which not only proved Yunmi’s technical accumulation in the water purification field, but also broke the ceiling of user experience. Use the best products to talk to users, and use the most cutting-edge technology to alleviate users’ water problems. Good products are the most advantageous weapon for a brand to compete with the market, win the favor of users, and guide the industry in new directions in the future.

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